A disappointing moment

So this is what you call one fucked up kindle screen. And no I didn’t drop it or drop anything on it or spill liquid on it. What I did was lie in bed and read it. Then I put it on my pillow and went to the shop then came back and it was like this. Out of warranty of course. So now a dilemma; do I replace it? If I have to keep buying a new one every two years it’s going to defeat the purpose of having one to save the money that paper books cost. And I do have an iPad although it’s kind of heavy and bulky to read in bed, it’s giving me a monster thumb muscle. Pretty pissed off at the kindle right about now, hate how things just don’t last.



12 thoughts on “A disappointing moment

  1. Well that sucks! Is there nothing you can do? I am annoyed enough that the LCD on my scale went dead after 2 years but that was only $40 and it lied anyway. 😛
    did you check for paw prints on there? Maybe Chicken wanted to read a book?

    • Ha, yeah they always lie.
      I’ll send them an email but I had a lurk about the amazon forums and because it’s a year over warranty it doesn’t seem likely. Also when I bought mine they weren’t selling them in Australia so I’d have to ship it back and apparently you need the original box and there’s no chance I’d have that.

  2. Really? I just got a Kindle Fire, their new tablet/reader and have loaded it up with a dozen books. If that’s in my future two years from now, I don’t want to invest too much into it then. Like you said, what’s the point of having one if you have to replace it constantly? You might as well buy the paper books, or better yet, find them in a used bookstore or yard sale.

    Chicken Little isn’t a gadget chewer or jumps-all-over-things-when-humans-aren’t-around kind of dog, is he? If you decide to buy another Kindle or e-reader, you might want to consider investing in a cover that will protect the screen. Since I carry mine around in a bag with other objects—pens, a metal flashlight, hand disinfectant, lip balm, etc.—I worried about it getting scratched or wet. The vinyl cover I bought on Etsy works great, so far.

    • Can’t blame chicken for this one, she wasn’t in the room. I’d closed the door so the room would warm up while I was away. A bit of googling shows it seems to happen a bit and people have had them replaced without a problem if they’re under warranty.

  3. Did you expect it to last more than two years? An American product? Are you serious?
    Well, we have three kindles at home (for the three of us) and the oldest of them is nearing its second birthday, so I am expecting it to conk off pretty soon. What would I do? Buy another one of course. Mostly because a kindle saves (a) money *ahem, we don’t always “buy” books and (b) space – we have a small house and are running out of space to keep books. So, for us, it is worth the investment every two years.

    • Yes, yes and yes. I saw it as a space saver as well – I go through a lot of books and live in a tiny house that only has one shelf at the moment so that does work for me. I’ll probably replace it, I just have to stop feeling cranky at it first. Also you can buy them in Australia now so it’s easier to deal with any problems that arise.

    • Lol, I was giving it a chance to fix itself after a good nights sleep. I learnt my lesson about throwing things once when I threw a shower screen across the backyard because I was really cranky with it and it cracked into about twenty pieces.

      • I once bit the shit out of a telephone. Okay, maybe twice. And a handheld scanner. And I’ve thrown my usb modem across the room, or bent the hell out it, multiple times (but it still keeps “working”) – it was that or the computer and I thought I’d miss the computer more.

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