Creeper in the kitchen

Chicken Little has worked out that if she sits on top of that chair she can watch me cook. Wonder how long it will take her to work out that a short walk across that wooden ledge will bring her to the goods.



6 thoughts on “Creeper in the kitchen

    • It’s more of a massive big tea set. It was given to my duaghter for her birthday but I don’t have any room for it so it has to sit out on the bench all the time. It is nice although the cup is more like a soup bowl, I like my coffee in a tiny little cup.

      Yeah, I don’t know about Chicken and Betty – you’d think she misses her seeing as how she’s the only friend Chicken ever had and they used to play in Betty’s big old lumbering way. Sometimes I think that Chicken probably just thinks that things/places/people/dogs come and go seeing as how she spent time in a pound, then doggie resuce and somewhere else before that.

  1. Chicken Little really does think she’s a cat, except that any self-respecting cat would have figured out that detour over the rail to the countertop. Thanks to the tutelage of our old tomcat, our little dog used to jump on the kitchen table and eat whatever baked goods had been left there, especially croissants. We reasoned that because he was half poodle, he had a cultural craving for pastries. None for wine or pate, fortunately.

    • Lol, you just reminded me of a cat we had and we he got old we used to feed him pate, he loved the stuff. Chicken started getting up on the top of our other lounge chair because thats where the sun is first thing in the morning and I guess she realised that good things come to those who sit on lounge tops. I almost left some brownies out on the bench last night to cool down but thought it might just be too tempting for her to resist.

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