Feels sweet

Me personally, I find the moment of revenge that gives me the most pleasure is the one when I turn the kitchen taps on and off when someone is in the shower. I can feel this sort of jokers smirk on my face every time I get to do it because I know, from many burnt faces and cold hair rinses, that nothing ruins a good shower more than someone constantly turning those bloody taps in the kitchen on and off while I’m in it.


13 thoughts on “Feels sweet

    • Lol, TWO!! I’ve been in the shower when someone else got in the other shower and it took just about all my pressure away but at least it was a constant thing, when it’s someone in the kitchen at the taps its on-off-on-off-on-off and I’m in the shower trying to adjust the taps to keep up with them – very frustrating.

  1. When we bought our house, they had two 40 gallon water heaters hooked together. Problem was that the main water pipes were only 1/2 diameter. When I remodeled the basement, one of the things I did was replace the ancient water heaters with a high recovery 50 gallon one. I can take a shower, while running the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry and never run out of hot water now. I also moved the water heater into a much better position AND repiped the house for 3/4 inch copper. Much better flow everywhere. But yeah, that would make me smirk too. LOL

  2. Ahahahah !
    You’ll end up as auntie Danielle !
    PS Sorry my friend for not dropping by, thoses last days. I’was taken by our presidential élections and my work. I’m now tired …

  3. I so would love to do that too. But the people messing up my showers, aren’t using this particular bathroom. And – it – won’t – work on the other end of the house …..grrrrr

    • Last night it was the washing machine – that really sucks the pressure away, until you’re washing your face usually, then it comes back full steam!

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