Room with a view

A new bar/restaurant opened in town; not a bad view. Quite a pleasant place in fact to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends.



11 thoughts on “Room with a view

  1. Because of the filter, I thought it was a wall painting for a second and thought it very good tromphe de l’oiel (however you spell that, I’m American dammit). But no, it’s actually the ocean!

    Finding affordable restaurants with that sort of view is the best.

    • It is! The beautiful Newcastle ocean in winter. Lol, I don’t even know what a tromphe is, I’ll have to google it.

      Hmmmm, to the affordable bit but I was catching up with a friend who is a cooking teacher and this place just opened so she wanted to try it. BUT! – I had a voucher I just remembered so we got one meal for free.

      It’s good there though as they have three different areas – the restaurant, a grill/bar and a cafe so you can pick the expense you feel up to.

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