Could have been a fib

Well it seems that I may have been telling lies this morning. After all that talk about working like a dog and being busy etc etc, there actually came a moment at about 3pm this afternoon when I wondered if I might die of boredom. I even sent a friend a text asking her if it was possible to die of boredom because it seemed imminent. The heat wasn’t helping either; what is it about librarians and their desire to maintain a warm stuffy workplace anyway? I thought librarians were all middle aged women going through menopause, I thought they’d have the temperature set to sub zero even in the middle of winter.

Anyway I survived and it’s another 8 hours ticked off the required 84.

Also, I’d just like to say that I was never a book lover who turned my nose up at e-readers; I love my books and my kindle equally – HOWEVER – after a day spent pulling down library book shelves, rebuilding book shelves, taking books off shelves and putting books back on shelves, tidying books on shelves, putting books back in their right spots on shelves because idiots shove them in anywhere and pulling rows of books forward on their shelves because one librarian likes them hovering near the edge while yesterdays liked them pushed back on the shelves, that I firmly believe that all children should be given a kindle at the age of, hmmmmmm, lets say 8. Bring on the electronic library I say – save trees, save space and save the shoulders of library staff.


7 thoughts on “Could have been a fib

    • And mobile phones, laptops, iPads, tv’s, the shoes we wear, jeans, plastic water bottles…………People love their stuff, they just have to realize that one kindle can last them a very long time and doesn’t need to be thrown away and replaced every few years. There’s a very interesting little movie out there on the web called The Story of Stuff and all the little 8 year olds will be made to watch it when presented with their kindle. Just think, they won’t have to cart around all those text books, we’ll be saving their spines.

      We had to do a little study on the book v kindle and the environment in class and in terms of production and distribution there isn’t a lot of difference. They haven’t really been around long enough for any long term study.

      • 😀 True. That’s why my phones have to stick with me for an average of 4 to 5 years. Don’t own a pad, am the shameful owner of a laptop, probably going to buy my first own TV in hopefully a few months (not to shabby at 36), don’t buy water in bottles and truly truly hope that my jeans are 99 % cotton besides the zipper and the buttons.
        I guess as long as people consume the way they do, we are doomed either way ….. 😛

        • I saw this little clip with Mr Rogers, a famous in America kid’s television show host. In it, he is talking off stage, to the camera about consumerism and how important it is for kids to grow up fast so they can become consumers. Belive that the remark was made about 12 year old kids buying houses or some such and furnishing/filling them. Kind of an odd snippet for him. HE was always seen as teh childrens advocate and fought with the likes of Congress about children’s television programming. This discussion just reminded me of that clip.

          • Well we certainly are keen consumers. I’ve been trying really hard over the past few years to think about what I’m buying and do I really need it or do I just want it because its shiny and new. I have this old colander that belonged to my grandmother, it’s all battered and crooked and a bit ugly but it strains the damn vegetables and rice just fine. And that’s what I tell myself every time I see one of those new beaut colourful collapsing colanders that try to trick me into buying them.

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