Four words people – working like a dog.

Which sometimes seems a strange thing to say because if we were talking about Chicken Little that would mean lying around in your pyjamas all day watching movies and eating snacks. I’m sure that job exists somewhere but not on my radar just at the moment.

I’ve been working more like one of my fathers sheep dogs; running about, rounding things up, looking for things that are out of place, keeping things in line.

The days are ticking by though and my course will be finished in one more week and then it’s PARTY TIME!!

And why the frackola does wordpress always want to put my pictures at the top of a post even when I clearly want them at the bottom – been happening for a week now. Not, happy, Jan!!


3 thoughts on “Placement

  1. Hang in there! You’re so close—it’s usually the week before you graduate that’s the worst stretch of your coursework. The week before I handed in my thesis, I was crying and pounding the desk, saying, “I can’t take this anymore! Somebody just shoot me!”

    No idea why your pictures all want to head for the top of your post. Doesn’t your template have a little picture loader that you click on when you want to add a photo?

    • We’ve handed in all our assegnments and essays so now its just the placement. After saying this morning how busy I’d been I felt like I might die of boredom this afternoon, it really felt possible. I don’t know what the photo thing is, it never used to happen but now wherever I have the cursor sitting to put the photo in its place WP just ignores it and puts it at the top anyway.

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