My siblings must be just about the cutest kids I’ve ever seen; or maybe it’s just because they’re mine but it always makes me smile when I look at pictures of them.

I was just as cute of course but they were sort of born in a pack and I came along a few years later.


18 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. It’s odd to see you all together: you look like siblings, and yet each of you are different, in small ways. I think Emjay has a lot of your mother’s looks; it’s harder to see where your father shows up. Are you not in any of these photos, then, since you’re the youngest?

    • Yes, they look like little swedish orphans don’t they and Dad looks all dark and swarthy. No I’m not in any of these photos although I must have been close. I would have been born when they are in the yellow school uniforms. My brother is four or five years older than me.

      • I don’t think you look like Mum btu I think your daughter does. Every time I see a photo of her these days I can see Mum. It’s weird because they don’t really look alike but it’s something about the mouth. I think Greg is looking very much like Dad.

  2. God, that walk to the bus was so flat and dry and hot! It must’ve been mufti day for Min – Greg & I are in uniform and she’s got a cute dress and red shoes on. Carrying those ports probably wrecked our spines!

    • Lol, the ports, blood awful heavy things they were; probably the beginning of my tennis elbow. I was always a bit scared of lizards walking home from the bus stop after Dad told me not to stop walking because they’d think I was a tree and run up my leg. I was always watching the ground for snakes and lizards and the sky for magpies.

        • Yes I saw your photo’s. I loved living out there then but I can’t see myself living there anymore, I mean there are hardly any jobs for one thing. I hardly even go out that way anymore as I only have one aunt left out there but it always feels like home when I do; something about all that red dirt stretching on for miles and miles. We moved to Gloucester which was such a change but I only stayed there a few years and don’t really feel any connection to the place.

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