A travelling man

Amongst other things my grandfather was a photographer, a golfer, a farmer and of course a traveller. Until I started sorting out his holiday snaps I never realised the enormity of the trips he took with my grandmother.

First of all you have to take into consideration that they lived in a very small NSW country town; the population was approximately 2500 people. Picture red flat land, scorching hot dry summers, sheep and wheat and you get the idea. Then you also have to take into consideration that their first world trip was in 1957, which wasn’t really that long after the second world war ended. And of course there was no air travel then, it was all by cruise liner and boat. I asked Mum where they went in 1965 besides America and she said – ‘Well it wasn’t Russia because they were on a boat in cold waters in that area the year Emjay was born but they would have gone through the Panama Canal and I wonder when they went to Spain, they rented a house there for a week or two.’

The more I think about their travels the more gobsmacked I am by them. I’ve been sorting photos into Countries they visited and this is what I have so far:

Belgium – Denmark – Egypt – England – France – Germany – Gibraltor – Greece – Guernsey – Hong Kong – Singapore – India – Ireland – Italy – Netherlands – Norway – Scotland – South Africa – Spain – Sweden – Finland – New Zealand – USA – Mexico – Canada – Austria – Suva – Hawaii – Russia – Poland – Trinidad.

Not bad. My Papa was not a small man but he was a real gentle giant and when I look through the photos I can really see his sense of fun and adventure shining through; he really immersed himself in every experience that he could.

That’s him on the left with the tie on and thats my Nan with the glasses.

I’m so proud of my Nan and Papa, they inspire me, they really were adventurers.


15 thoughts on “A travelling man

  1. It really is amazing. As much as people travel now, most people still haven’t done such extensive traveling and as you said, on ships! It must have been cool to have such leisurely travel. When you know you won’t be there in just a few hours there is no need to be impatient so you can enjoy the ride. Unless of course you get seasick which I assume your grandparents didn’t have to worry about. That aloha shirt he’s wearing in the Hawaii pic would be worth a lot of money these days, I’m sure. It also made me realize, my grandfather went to Hawaii in, I don’t know, the late 50s or 60s? Oh–wait, he went in the early 70s (maybe he went before that too) because he brought me back a little cranky looking doll. Anyway, the picture you posted reminded me of that, though the pics of my grandfather are with hula ladies, not cure little girls. He was a widower though. 😉
    Anyway, these pics are great. What a rich history your family has.

      • When I think about them being in Russia in 1957 it just seems so adventurous. I said to Mum – I didn’t think you’d be allowed to take photos back then in Russia and she said that Papa made friends with all the guards at various places and they let him. And people always complain (well me mainly) about Australia being so far away from everywhere and how it takes so long to get anywhere but getting to England on a ship must have taken bloody ages. I imagine it was pretty nice back then though – dress up for dinner, fancy meals and all that. It’s funny seeing him in that shirt as he was always in a suit and tie – even on that camel! They must have gone to Hawaii in 1965 because Emjay, my brother and my other sister all had little hawaiin shirts. I missed out as I was only one then.

  2. Amazing! I wonder sometimes what kind of finances you would need back then. I kind of imagining travelling being even more expensive then today.
    I remember talking to my mum about them taking the invitation of friends and visit them in the US.
    The answer was always that they couldn’t afford it.

    My hope is that I will be able to do that kind of travelling myself when retirement is there.

    • I don’t know really but my grandparents definitely weren’t rich. They were farmers and lived a very simple life. Maybe thats the trick, live simply and save your pennies for the bigger better things.

  3. I think we would all love to be adventurers. The thing is, that most of us are lucky to drive a couple of hundred miles to spend 5 days at the beach once a year. I’m in awe of how much money it would take to travel round the globe over and over again. I’m so glad that your Granddad did it and that you share them with us. The pictures are fantastic considering that there was no photoshop or modern tricks at the time that he captured them. I can only imagine how interesting they would be to talk with. These pictures should be archived because they capture a period of time which covers so many places round the world. They really are priceless.

    • I often think how he would have loved photoshop and digital camera’s. He would be amazed by all the technology available these days but one problem with all this technology is that everyone thingks they’re a photographer!! Yesterday I was looking at a few books for sale by photographers and I though – Papa’s photo’s should be in a book, they’re just as good, much more interesting and a little peep hole back in time. Just him and his camera and a dark room he built over their garage. And yes, you’re right – I do live in the future – spooky!

  4. I just figured out that you are 16 hours ahead of me……that means if you come to my house to visit you can live your life over again!! Come and visit! Of course you would be sooo dang tired when you arrived you would probably sleep all your *extra* hours away. LOL

  5. I love the photo of your grandfather on the camel! My parents had the opportunity to travel when they were younger, but they didn’t. They were too fearful, too attached to the old and familiar. You have to have a free spirit to travel like your grandparents. It appears you and Emjay have inherited that same spirit. I hope you get to follow your grandfather’s footsteps someday.

    • I hope so too. I’m trying to save every cent I can. Don’t waste money on little thins, save up and experience the big things. It’s something I’ve been thinking about as a way of honouring my own father. He was an adventurer and loved new experiences and I was thinking that the best way for me to honour him is to get out there and do and see all the things he would have if his body had let him.

    • Have to be at least a thousand. The ones I have were all slides, Mum had them in her garage in a box and I took them and scanned them all in – massive but interesting job. I think he really loved life and he took advantage of every opportunity he could.

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