Happy birthday Golden Gate Bridge from 1965

Vintage Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge 1965


8 thoughts on “Happy birthday Golden Gate Bridge from 1965

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge says “Thank you, Jane!”

    My younger daughter and I were just there 20 minutes ago. It’s as gorgeous here today as it was when your father was there. I hope he stopped by to catch the view!

    • My grandfather (and my grandmother) it was. I think they went to Alcatraz as well, they managed to have a pretty good look around at all the places they went to.

  2. One of my favorite SF adventures is to walk across the GG bridge, stop at the giant supports, and lay (lie?) down on the walkway and look up. It’s super high and there are gaps and the whole thing triggers some kind of subtle fear in me – one I like triggering.

    • Lol – kind of like going under the train tunnels when one goes overhead and it all shakes like crazy and the noise is awful. Can you walk all the way over the GG? How long would that take?

      • ooohh… dang wp for not telling me you replied!

        I’ve never been under/over a train tunnel. Ever.

        Yes, the entire GG bridge has a walkway. Maybe one on each side, I don’t remember. It’s much faster than you’d think. As a completely random number, I’ll say 30 min – but I could be way off. I’m usually too busy enjoying the view (and height) to pay attention to time. Next time I walk it, I’ll pay attention.

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