Where am I?

We’re going to play a game. I’m going to show you some photos that were taken in 1957 by Papa and you’re going to tell me all about them.

Now I believe these were all taken in the USA and I realise that its a big big place but you never know, someone out there might recognise something and if you don’t ask you don’t learn things (or whatever that saying is).

So, basically any who, what, where, whatever thanks. If not you still might just like having a look. And let this be a lesson – write on the back of your photos because one day someone will want to know what they’re all about



26 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. That second to last one the Miller St.market is Chicago, it says “keep Chicago clean”.
    The first looks like Miami maybe? Palm trees…I got confused for a minute when I saw the Qantas sign, I thought for sure it would be Australia but then I saw the flag & car steering wheels.

    • You’ve got eagle eyes! I didn’t notice that Keep Chicago clean sign and Pershing I wasn’t sure about. Thanks, I wonder if the bottom one is Chicago as well then, it has a similar look to it. Do they only have Palm Trees in Miami? I knew it wasn’t Australia because we don’t have Greyhound buses here.The harbour bridge shaped building over the road has Glass House something written on it but when I googled it I got something totally different. I’m trying to get all Papa’s photos in folders of countries and cities – they went to so many places.

      • Palm trees are in the south and California. Too cold everywhere else. But in 1957 Miami was probably one of the bigger cities that would feature palm trees. It could be LA.

  2. And I have an El Rancho Motel magnet that I actually looked at yesterday morning!! it;s the same sign but a drawing.
    Glass House is in Oklahoma…Will Rogers Turnpike

  3. First photo is of Union Square in San Francisco! We just drove past there this morning. My daughter says the view is from O’Farrell going towards Market Street. We also recognized the trolley going down the street. San Francisco was one of the first US Airports to have a Quantas hanger so the billboard makes sense.

    • Oh wow, fantastic – thanks. See this is why I love the Internet, access to all this knowledge. Is it after midnight there as well?

  4. Ha no it’s only 10:30 in SF. Btw the El Rancho motor hotels were a chain, but I’ll bet that one in the picture above is the old one on Bayshore Drive in San Francisco. I’ll bet your dad stayed there as it was down the road from the airport.

    • Lol, yes and today when I was sorting through them looking for the ones that had my Nan in them I was thinking it was like Where’s Wally.

  5. This is neat.

    The only thing I really have to add is that the movie on the marquee in the last picture didn’t come out until the 60s. Hang on a second…

    *goes to look up the movie*

    In Harm’s Way came out in 1965.

    • Ok, well that’s helpful because it means they went to America on their second trip. 1957 they must have done England and Europe and not sure where else they went in ’65. Mum couldnt remember but she might if I ask where did they go when they went to the US instead of where did they go in ’65. They covered such a huge area of the world.

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