Farewell Demonstration and Instruction

Oh well Deliver information activities and events module and Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills module, we’ve had some fun over the past six months but I can’t say I’ll miss you, in fact I’m jumping with joy that you’re over.

I’ve taught a group how to make an origami hat and how to prepare and roll vietnamese rice paper rolls, I’ve trained a class in the art of conducting a childrens storybook session and the enthusiastic way to read Hairy MacLairy to a group of preschoolers. I’ve made a presentation to the class on the genre of Mills and Boon and another on the genre of YA dystopia (you had to do one on a genre you like and one on a genre you’ve never read before and I’d just like to point out that the Mills and Boon was the one I’d never read before). Now I’ve done my last training session which was to run a session teaching senior citizens how to open a flickr account and upload a photo, god help me. My husband said I could go around the retirement home where Mum lives and help them with computer problems and queries but honestly I’d rather poke my eye out with a stick.

It doesn’t matter how many times you stand up in front of a group to do a presentation you always get a bit of a funny tummy but it does get easier and we have had some laughs. One thing I did learn early was to memorise everything you want to say because the people who stand up there with bits of paper, you can tell how nervous they are because you can see the paper shaking.

So thats another two modules down. Today I hand in three more assessments and then I start placement next week. Four more weeks and one more in class assessment and I’m finally finished. Really can’t believe thats been 18 months.


4 thoughts on “Farewell Demonstration and Instruction

  1. After all those years of teaching, I still get butterflies in my stomach when I have to speak in front of a group. It is easier with practice—I try to think of my audience as being like a group of friends or classmates, and I try to adopt a conversational style to put myself and everyone else at ease. It’s a lot easier to teach people to do something hands-on like the Vietnamese rice paper rolls, however: talking about an abstract topic like post-colonial literature in late-20th century West Africa is harder to make entertaining, lol. Plus having something to do while you’re talking distracts you from getting too nervous, imo.

    Teaching old people how to use a computer IS hard! I tried to show my father how to set up an email account and use it, but he couldn’t even figure out how to move the mouse. He kept picking it up and slamming it on the desk. I finally had to snatch it from him. It was like he couldn’t wrap his head around sliding the mouse in coordination with the cursor. He started hammering the desk with the mouse to make it click!

    • The rice paper rolls were okay as they were one on one coaching people but the origami was a nightmare. That was teaching a group of 15 and you really had to keep your cool because some people are really fast but others are really stupid!! Lol, some people at the end of the lesson had folded and re folded their square so many times there was no chance any more of a crisp fold, the paper was a limp mess.

    • Ha – well now I’m qualified to teach you how.

      There’s one guy in our class who gets so nervous speaking in front of people that I start feeling nervous for him before he starts. He shakes and rambles on and on and if he’s dealing with technology something always goes wrong. He must feel sick for days beforehand just thinking about doing it.

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