Look to the sky

Yesterday I mentioned the sky on Saturday and how amazing it was. Here where I live the sky is usually alway a crisp clear blue, even now at the end of Autumn but on Saturday it was magnificent and marvellous and I felt as if I was walking around all afternoon with HDR  lenses on my eyeballs. I spent all afternoon looking up and saying to people – have you seen the sky today? Isn’t it amazing? Even the ocean got in on the act and sparkled and the clouds were lovely little streaks of white.

As usual photos don’t do nature justice. Well not unless you run them through a few photoshop filters but I have to say my little camera just loves blue, whenever I take photo’s of blue it just eats it up.

I don’t know what the boots are about. I guess someone just stepped out of them and walked into the water and never came back.

I know I’ve said it before but Autumn in Australia, you just can’t beat it.


9 thoughts on “Look to the sky

    • It was a beautiful day – hard to believe we’ll be in winter soon. I actually felt hot in just a tshirt. I think this May has been our most dry and mild since the forties.

    • This is near Mums – that memorial seat of Dads sist on the river that runs into this sea. Its one of those places that has river on one side and beach on the other. Very small and quiet, tourists haven’t really discovered it yet. Theres actually, GASP, no fast food places there.

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