Cheers Dad

I miss my Dad very much.

And it usually sneaks up on me when I’m not expecting it.

After he died we decided to have a chair put up near the river with a name plaque on it so we can go and sit when we visit, look at the river or whatever and it’s a really peaceful spot. It was only finished last week so Saturday was the first chance I had to get there and have a drink with him.

My father was born on an Island and was a lover of the sea and being near the water so we picked a french proverb to put on there that says

Follow the river and you will find the sea

The sky really was an incredible blue on Saturday – not saying that in a spooky he was watching me way, just in a general informative way. It was an amazing blue, photos don’t do it justice.

This is the view from the chair.

Cheers Dad


9 thoughts on “Cheers Dad

  1. I love the third photo. It reminds me of an Impressionist painting. I think your father would love having a bench with his name on it, especially at that spot. Is this something the city or park offers to people who want to create a memorial or gift to a loved one?

    • I like that one as well, I didn’t know if it’d turn out as I was facing straight into the sun but the camera sorted it out for me. I’m no photographer, just a point and shooter so I usually take the chance that the camera will sort it out for me. The council organises the seats for you. You have to pay but you tell them where you’d like it and if they agree they put it up and organise the plaque.

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