It’s not on a can, it’s in a can

Well unfortunately this tasty little morsel hasn’t reached the shores of Australia just yet but I’m curious to know if any of my overseas friends may have sampled a slice or two themselves.

Now I’ve heard of people cooking chicken on a can but I’ve never seen one stuffed into a can.

And as tempting as it looks sliding out of that can I can’t help but feel that it doesn’t quite meet the expectations of the advertised picture on the side of the can which definitely looks as if it has had a quick freshen up and brown in the oven.

It’s like the train wreck that you can’t stop looking at even though it’s bloody awful and you know you’ll be scarred for life if you don’t look away.

So come on – confess (or – ‘fess up, as we say here) – who has partaken? And if not, are you tempted to slice some onto your next sandwich.


34 thoughts on “It’s not on a can, it’s in a can

  1. Please tell me that’s a doctored photo, and internet scam, or a prototype product that was never released to the public. Please tell me that vile thing doesn’t actually exist.

    (In other news, I am now a vegetarian!)

  2. Oh jeez. I haven’t seen it in our local grocery stores—yet—but I swear it will never cross our threshold, unless Dad in his dementia buys a can. It looks like something out of one of the Alien movies. Fresh from a chest cavity.

    • See I thought you guys over there might have been eating them all the time. I was actually afraid of offending anyone who might love them, I mean someone must eat them.

  3. Yuck! Any canned chicken I’ve seen is boneless.

    That gelatin/slime all over the thing as it slithers out of the can and “plunks” onto a plate would cause me to take it outside and throw it to the dog next door. The dog I’m not too fond of …

    • God, its gross that slime. I just imagining it sitting on a plate sort of melting into a big puddle around that pale and slightly undercooked looking chook. Can’t even imagine the production line, shudder.

    • I can’t believe you guys haven’t seen these things, I thought you ate all sorts of things we didn’t get. I’ll have to see what else Sweet Sue has on her menu.

  4. You’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me!?! Disgusting. Do people know what they do to themselves buying that kind of food. All the chemical crap that is involved to keep that chicken eatable over a long period. Because I guessing the expiry date is years ….?

  5. If you didn’t have access to refrigeration or lived in a remote area, that might be an alternative, but as for taste, uh, not sure. I am even reluctant to purchase regular chicken-chicken at the store.

  6. I can’t stand ………..”slippery–slimmy”… (in anything)…..and that chicken SCREAMS…….Slippery!! Grossss If that canned chicken is available in Pennsylvania, I will definitely hurry pass it on the grocery shelves.

  7. I like tinned ham and, should this be tinned ham sliding out of a tin, I would be licking my lips and going “Yeah, Gelatine!” But this says “eewww vet lube!”

    • I’m not sure now if the gelatine worries me as much as that slightly undercooked pink tone it has. Imagine the skin, lol, it’d be all soft and squidgy

    • We don’t have bread in cans either, terribly deprived here in Australia we are. I saw something like that on the web the other day though, they were ready made buns with meat and cheese I think in cans. perfect for construction workers it said, lol.

  8. Oh wow. That is….disgusting.Why would anyone do that?!?! Just go buy a chicken. Geez. I buy chopped chicken in a can every once in a while, but it’s all white meat chunks no goo… and doesn’t look like that. How odd. I’ve been enjoying you pictures, the sky and your papa’s chair’s view. Gorgeous… and always jealous! 😉

    • Yes, sorry your eyeballs had to be assualted by the chicken in the can after the nice beach shots. It’s a bit of a modern day marvel really, in a thousand years time survivors on earth will dig up a can of Sweet Sue and shake their heads in wonder.

  9. Bravely waves hand…
    We used to get these when I was a kid.
    I haven’t seen one in Real Life since maybe 1970, but they used it as an ingredient on Chopped recently.
    You don’t treat it like a whole fresh chicken, serving it out on a plate like that.
    You bone it out, and it is fine to do things with: creamed chicken, chicken salad, that sort of thing.
    Basically it’s just a boiled chicken, but it stores on a shelf for emergencies.

    • The 70’s – I wonder if it’s the same batch 🙂 I can see the convenience of it and you can buy tiny teeny cans of chopped chicken here like tuna sized but that photo of it is so unflattering.
      I don’t know what Chopped is, I’ll have to go research it.

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