I’ll take mangled please

So I bought a new clothes dryer and I was having a look at the instruction book and I really can’t see a time when I’m going to want my clothes mangled.

21 thoughts on “I’ll take mangled please

  1. I just got through reading a novel in which the main character finds an “old-fashioned clothes mangle” in a laundry room. Seeing the instructions on your dryer, I’m guessing it’s supposed to wring or spin dry the laundry.

    I’m more curious about what “cupboard dry” is, and why it’s different from “very dry.” I wouldn’t think anyone would want to store damp clothing in a cupboard.

    • But my washing machine does that! It must leave it a bit damp so it’s easier to iron – maybe. I dunno, I don’t iron so I usually pick very dry. It’s too smart for me this dryer but it seems you use cupboard dry for things like undies and socks and very dry for sheets and towels. I got this one because it had a 5 or 6 star energey efficiency rating (whatever the highest is, can’t remember if its 5 or 6).

  2. A wringer is what you use to squeeze out the water after washing. A mangle has two padded, heated rollers that you put your dried clothes through to iron them. The mangle is used to iron large flat items like sheets & pillow cases, drapes or pant legs that you want to crease. I know this because I watched my Aunt use hers. 😉

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  4. Wow! People have fancy dryers! Mine just has “hot” or “cool” and a time dial. I remember the wringer very well – easy for little fingers to get caught in – those were the days of mum washing in a “copper” too.

    • It’s ridiculous and it has next to no instructions with it. It’s super cheap to run though as its one of those condenser dryers. 6 star rating – takes longer to dry things though.

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