Bridge climbers and bridge views

I haven’t climbed the Harbour Bridge although I think it could be a nice thing to do at sunrise. When we were in Sydney we went to the top of the pylon which is still pretty high, only 200 steps and approximately $280 cheaper.

It was damp and windy so I wouldn’t have enjoyed a bridge climb that day at all.

It’s a pretty fair walk up there – stairs all the way.

You can walk all the way around the pylon. You can see the traffic coming in and out, it was quiet that afternoon.

You can see the Opera House

You can see the Royal Botanic Gardens there behind the Opera House, they go all the way around that next point.

You can see where the Governor General hangs out when she’s in Sydney

You can see Pinchgut. Thats the little Island there – they used to send convicts there as punishment. They started building a fort there but it was never finished and now National Parks owns it and it’s a museum and tourist attraction now and you can hire it for weddings or parties.

And you can see the city.

And then you can walk the 200 steps back down again.


16 thoughts on “Bridge climbers and bridge views

  1. I have to pull out my photo album from 1988 and see how much the city has grown. Of course I don’t have views from the bridge, I have views OF the bridge. Pretty cool stuff. That looks like a roller coaster, the views of the people climbing. Great shots!

    • The main thing I noticed was that Centrepoint Tower didn’t look as high anymore. If it didnt have it’s point there would be a few bigger than it. I think the main difference you’d see would be Darling Harbour and CircularvQuay.

      • One of these days I’ll scan some of my photos. They are not very good but it could be an interesting comparison for someone who knows the city a bit. I don’t remember much of anything. But I guess I took a bunch of photos from the Centrepoint Tower. Looking at my photos I remembered, oh yeah, I went once in the day and once at night. I took the hydrofoil across to the Taronga Zoo, I remember. I went to the Botanical gardens too but I have no pictures, if I recall correctly I went through them at dusk so it was probably too dark for decent shots. Actually maybe I do have pics, I have to look again. I just looked and already I forget. But I was looking more at skyline shots.

        • Oh yes please, put it on your to do list. I was living in Sydney in 1988, that was when my first kiddie was born – Centennial Year. I don’t think they have the hydrofoil anymore.

  2. What’s the building with the swimming pool in the eighth picture down from the top? It looks somewhat like a hotel, but with no parking lot.

    I think the view from the pylon is just fine. I don’t think I want to pay $280 for the privilege of climbing up a giant flight of stairs just to look at things from high above. Especially on a breezy day.

    • Yes, it’s a motel. It has a beautiful restaurant there that looks over the Harbour, huge glass walls/windows. A lot of motels there have underground car parks, some of them scare me but this one you’d have to use one of the parking stations up the road.

      They even charge for the pylon climb now.mwhen I lived in Sydney it used to be free. Now it’s $11 and they have a souvenir shop and toilets in there! But they have a bit of history about the building of the bridge which was interesting.

    • Oh well you’d annoy me then. I was thinking that when I was watching them – what if you get stuck behind dawdlers who want to rest and look at things. I’d just want to be up there, have a look and back down again. They do say that it requires a degree of fitness, can’t remember what degree though.

        • A company called Sydney Bungee started up a few years ago and they were going to organise bungee’s from the bridge but the Roads and Traffic wouldn’t allow it due to safety concerns, party poopers. They were probably more worried about motorists being distracted and crashing than the jumpers themselves.

  3. I’ve been quietly enjoying your Sydney photo series. I haven’t been there since I was a wee tacker in 2001, I really should go up and do some exploring one day. Melbourne people are so negative about Sydney, like it’s some overpriced, soulless, yuppie hell hole.

    • They’re probably the ones who’ve never been there. It’s like the people here who want to “save the rail”, I’m sure they’ve never been on a train. I dunno though, aren’t all cities a bit like that. The thing I like about Sydney is that it’s such a mix of old and new. They didn’t wipe out all the old things to build new ones. And you can’t beat Sydney Harbour. I must admit though that you don’t get many random smiles on the street. Here in Newcastle sometimes I’m afraid to leave the house because I’m just not up to all the hello, good morning, how are you’s that go on whereas in Sydney it’s all pretty eyes straight ahead or slightly down.

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