The Manly Ferry

The Manly ferry is a Sydney institution and if you’re a tourist here, you’ll probably catch one.

I was glad we had one of the old ones

Because there are also a few fancy fast ones, but they’re just not the same. (Betty Cuthbert was an Australian runner – she was fast).

It’s a busy harbour, the ferry’s go to quite a few places and they’re back and forth day and night.

This one looks like it has ferry dust. Ha ha, get it, I always thought they were called fairies when I was little.Manly was wet which was a shame because they have a beautiful beach and boardwalk but the rain didn’t put any of the walkers or the surfers off.

No volleyball players though


8 thoughts on “The Manly Ferry

  1. I love ferries, though the one you took reminds me more of the water taxis in New York, which would make multiple stops to different destinations. Here in the States, ferries tend to just go back and forth between two terminals.

    If I was wearing a rubber wetsuit, I wouldn’t mind the rain either! Nice photos—are you using your smartphone for all of these shots?

    • The water tax’s are tiny. I’d hardly be game to get in one. The manly ferry just goes to manly and back to circular quay but the others make more than one stop. They also have a river cat which is fast that goes to Parramatta otherwise you’d be on it all day.

      These ones I took with my Olympus pen. I usually have it and my camera with me.

      • We took water taxis when we were in Vancouver. They are SO small, it’s like they put an engine on a kiddie pool. But it would have been kind of a long walk from our hotel across the bridge to where we were going, so we much preferred the two minute ride (for only a Loonie) in the little putt-putt things that ran all the time. They were like the boat equivalent of a rickshaw.

        (across False Creek to Granville Island)

        • Lol, thats what the tax’s I saw were like – tiny, wouldn’t like to be out there at night. I don’t think we have Loonie’s, only looney’s – do you have them? Crazy people, weirdo’s etc, I’m sure you have them but do you call them looney’s?

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