Banana update

Just in case anyone was wondering, I bought three bananas today for 81 cents. Which is a bit different than last year (was it last year?) when I couldn’t buy one for under $3.50.

10 thoughts on “Banana update

  1. I wonder why. Last fall, the news was warning that the price of tropical fruits and rice would go up on account of flooding in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. In the US we saw a rise in prices, but that was attributed to the rise in the price of gasoline.

    One thing I haven’t seen in a long time is coupons from the local grocery chains offering free bananas with a purchase of $20 or more. Nowadays they mostly offer canned or frozen stuff. Today’s freebie special is barbecued shredded pork. Which I will pass on gladly.

    • Put some pork on your fork – that’s what the ad says here. I never liked pork even when I did eat meat, all pale and fatty sometimes with bristles on it. We don’t coupon here, not in a big way.

      The banana’s were expensive here last year due to a cyclone in Queensland. Wiped out the whole season.

  2. If I were you, I’d buy bunches and bunches of bananas and keep them in storage until the price gores up again! Think about it – for $270 you can buy 1000 bananas and then next year sell them for $3,500!

    • I have to be in the mood for a banana and it doesn’t happen often. On top of cereal is good but I rarely eat that. Muffins are good.

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