The Opera House

The Sydney Opera House really is quite beautiful. I’d never really thought about it before but that’s what happens when you live with something like that, you just take it for granted. But I really had a good look at it on the weekend and it’s a stunning piece of work.

From first thing in the morning when the early joggers are out and about (and I must say I’m quite jealous of their running track, not that I’d necessarily be running but it would be a nice morning walk).

sydney opera house

Until late afternoon when the wedding parties turn up for the album shots.

In fact I’m guessing that it must be one of the most photographed icons in the world. I know every time I walked past on the weekend I saw hundreds of cameras of all kinds, snap and shoot, phone, tripod, professional, you name it, the opera house was being snapped by it.

We walked by at lunch time and I could think of worse places to sit and have a drink.

lunch at the opera house

You can sit and watch over the harbour to the ferry bays and the city.

sydney city

Although I think this chef was glad to see the end of the lunch rush hour.

It’s when you go by on a ferry that you realise how massive it really is.

There are over one million tiles on that roof and they just look glorious. It took years to complete and the budget was a complete blowout but it was definitely worth it.


9 thoughts on “The Opera House

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  2. Great shots! I couldn’t get enough pictures of it when I was there. I took a tour. All I really remember is it seemed small for as big as it looks. And a lot of red.

    • Small on the inside do you mean? I know the main part where they have performances is very small, I saw something on tv once and the orchestra have to sit under the stage sort of. There is a pay tv channel here called Music Max and they did a series at the Opera House called The Max Sessions and I would have loved to have gone to one. Paul Hester was the host so it must have been a few years ago now. Various artists came to the Opera House and did acoustic shows and answered audience questions and it was good because it was small but the sound is meant to be amazing.

    • Well I’ll let you know when I go back for some event. I know there’s a nice bar in there because I was looking in windows. And someone has a really good view from their office desk.

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