Not naming names or anything but some of my WP friends here are list makers of things that they have to get done and I saw this little book and thought they might find it useful.


8 thoughts on “Shit

  1. I need one of these. I just can’t leave it out for my parents to see. They’re already furious I have tattoos on my arms and drink beer out of a bottle (“YOU’RE A LADY, USE A GLASS AT LEAST!”) And no, it still hasn’t occurred to them that I’m well over 50 now.

  2. I don’t have to make lists. I just have to make an off-hand comment about “maybe” doing something at some vague time in the future, and my wife will remember it forever and (not in a really nagging way) remind me of it.

    • My husband is good at making lists but not that good at doing things on them. He discovered that he could make a list on his phone, which he did and then read out to me but I’m pretty sure he’s forgotten all about it now.

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