The cutlery drawer is a dangerous place

I put my hand in and grabbed a spoon then turned and hit the drawer with my hip to close it and wham!, in went a fork tine.

See, you can see the little hole just above my knuckle.

Oh I know it’s not too drastic, but it bled impressively.


17 thoughts on “The cutlery drawer is a dangerous place

  1. Ouch! Poor you! Hope you heal quickly and avoid further accidents.

    One of my worst holiday memories ever involved an incident with my mom struggling to remove a knife from a drawer. I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Ouch ! … more fear than injury ! … Next time, be aware ! …
    I put my thumb in boiling oil 4 years ago ! …
    I asked my son : “May I go to hospital ? ”
    ” If you want to have your thumb cut, you do’nt !” said he ! … 🙂

  3. OW! Oh, ow! I’ve never been bitten by a fork before. Maybe you should take the fork in and have it tested for rabies. Seriously, though, I winced when I read that you’d been hurt.

    • Well there was a reason for that – there was no bandage. Couldn’t find a single bandaid in the house. No one wanted to eat their dinner after I showed them what had happened while I was making the salad.

  4. You reminded me of my mother, who (seemingly-) routinely nearly cut off her thumb via grabbing knives or broken glass in the dishwater. It taught me to never put knives or glass under the soap suds (I leave them out, then wash them one by one).

    Hope you’re okay.

    • I’m very good at sliding wooden skewers under my fingernails. My fault of course because I don’t leave them in their packet, I just let them run loose in the drawer, it always looks a bit like that pick up sticks game I used to play as a kid where you threw the sticks down then had to slide them out without causing a tumble. I often reach into the drawer to grab something and come out with one of them stuck between my finger and my nail. Broken glass in the dishwasher – now that sucks.

    • I’m showing off I’m afraid- it wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked. Although it was hard to believe that so much blood came from one tiny hole, must have nicked something.

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