The Bogey Hole

Just another glorious autumn day in Australia.

This is one of the ocean baths here, I don’t usually use this one because it’s huge and I feel as if I’m out at sea.

I mean still swimming in April, that’s pretty good. Not that I was swimming mind you with this bloody head cold, I thought about it though.

Chicken Little always enjoys a trip out. I think this is when she saw the great dane she wanted to attack.

I wanted to go and check out what was happening with the bogey hole. It’s an historic swimming hole here in Newcastle, that’s quite beautiful but slightly dangerous.

As the sign here says it was the personal bathing hole of the commandant (lucky bastard) that the poor old convicts cut out of the rock for him but now heaps of people swim in it.

The council was talking about closing it down because they thought it was too dangerous and local councils over here like to spoil everyone’s fun. But there was a bit of an uproar as its such a great spot so they are going to fix it up instead.

It’s a bit of a trek getting there with quite a few steps involved but worth the effort.

And once you get to the bottom of the steps at the actual hole there’s no messing about, it’s straight into the water.

Look at the colour of that water, crystal clear. The sky and the sea aren’t too shabby either. Gotta love an Australian autumn.

8 thoughts on “The Bogey Hole

  1. These pics are great – I had no idea Newcastle was so pretty. I always pictured it as one big industrial estate. I wish I had some convicts to chip a big old swimming hole out for me!

    • And that is exactly the great thing about Newcastle, everyone still thinks of it as BHP so we don’t get any pesky tourists here hogging the fantastic beaches and cafes. It’s seriously under rated.

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