Going to the chapel

I’ve been away at Mums this week going through Dads papers and photo’s which has been funny and sad at times but mostly somewhere in between.

Expect to see lots of photos of Dad when he was a kid – he was such a little cutie.

Wow, they were young.

And wow, people really dressed up for weddings back then didn’t they. I mean that lady in white is trying to outdo my Mum. I hope Dad trod on her skirt on the way past.


6 thoughts on “Going to the chapel

  1. Wahahahaha. That is so funny! It DOES look like your mom might be giving her the stink-eye though. Seriously! What was she thinking! It’s not just a white dress, it IS a wedding dress! Enjoyed your pics of the bogey. You have such a gorgeous coastline. I am one jealous woman!

    • Ha, yeah Mum is saying – Oh hi there, you look nice…….BITCH. It’s a massive bloody dress whatever it is. We are surrounded by water here (where I live I mean, not just Australia, although it of course is surrounded by water as well, lol). But right here where I am we have miles and miles of beach and then on the other side it’s all lake. I’m nore of a beach side type myself.

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