In case you were wondering, I can assure you right now, that there are not many origami masters amongst us. Well not amongst me anyway.

One of my units this semester is called – training people to do stuff. I’m sure it has a more official title, let me just check – oh yes, Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills. Anyway we have to do three assessments and the first one was to teach the class how to make an origami thingy. The teacher gave us all different instructions, we had a look at them then had to instruct the class on how to make whatever it was that we had. Well I can tell you that by the time 15 people had done this I was ready to poke my eye out with a stick.

I must admit that the lotus flower was very pretty but you needed thumbs of steel to do the final few folds as the paper became thicker and thicker and one girl just didn’t have a clue. She instructed us to – fold this way, then that way, then cross this way, then over the opposite way then……………..oh, hang on, that’s not right, everyone unfold your paper and then it was just a soft limp piece of paper that had no chance of ever performing a “crisp fold” which seemed to be the order of the day.

Seriously by the end of the third day I was frustrated and delirious and sitting in my chair rocking and singing Kenny Rogers…. you gotta know when to fold ’em.

The next assessment was a twenty minute training session where we could pick any thing that was library related and teach the class how to do it. I did mine today and it was a lot of fun because I decided to teach the class how to read a book to preschoolers during a story-time session at a public library. After I’d yakked on about why it was important and how to set the place up and OH&S issues and then read the book I had to pick someone in the class to read another book (to show that I had trained them properly) and the guy I picked was just excellent. He’s only a young guy and never read to kids before but he did a fantastic job and put on all the voices and anyway it was all good.

The books I had to read were Hairy MacLary books because they never go out of style and I made these cool little book marks as my handouts.

Next up we have to do a one on one coaching session on anything we want to. I think I’ll drag out my sushi cube thing that I bought and only used once before Dad became sick.

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Training

  1. They would have been better getting you to teach each other some IT element – skills for the real world. I love your selection of reading to little people – the toughest audience – go you! Great work!

    • Don’t worry we’ve done plenty of IT and one whole boring unit on writing manuals for all the equipment, such as printers, smartboards, overhead projectors etc etc then we had to demonstrate to the class that we could use them all. The book reading was fun though, one guy trained us how to use the printers in the TAFE library and I almost fell asleep.

  2. The lotus is one of the harder origami folds: that student should have chosen an easier object to fold, like an animal or a paper ball. That said, teaching and training are incredibly hard: it’s part communications and part knowing how to break down a task into easy-to-grasp steps. You get plus points if you can make it fun, though some things, like memorizing the table of elements, seldom are.

    I confess I’ve never heard of Hairy Maclary. I’d have to look it up in our library sometime.

    • Lol, we didn’t get to choose, the teacher gave us them. He did well though and it was definitely the prettiest.

      Hairy MacLary is from New Zealand.There is a whole series and they’re great kids books. The one I read yesterday belonged to my daughter about 15 years ago and it’s still just as good. A classic it is.

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