beside the bed

for no particular reason


9 thoughts on “beside the bed

    • They came up well, although you’d be horrified if you saw them up close, my room’s okay but having a house full of girls wearing high heels has not been kind to the other rooms.

  1. Having a kindle means no pile of books. So I end up with just rubbish – chargers, the backpack I cart all my shit around in, junk really. A mess. Which is why I am NOT going to post a photo for your edification!

    • Oh go on….. show us. I must admit I only took that photo because it was looking pretty tidy down there compared to usual. And I like the look of the legs on that girl in the advertisement. I always notice her legs in that ad, it should be an ad for stockings or fake tan or something and not wine or champagne or whatever it is.

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