Sunny Sunday’s

My beautiful bed at 8.30 every morning. Pity I only get to enjoy it on Sundays.


6 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday’s

  1. I was enjoying my bed this morning (fuzzy jammies, good pillow and blankets) till someone came by to get one of the neighbors. Didn’t get out of the car like a civilized person, just HONKED repeatedly, early in the morning. Grrrr. No manners or consideration.

    • Oh that is so annoying. The guy across the road from us likes to wash his car a lot, he spends hours at it and he starts early with the radio playing loud. Usually hits from the 80’s.

      • This morning someone rode by repeatedly on a very loud motorcycle. On Sunday morning! Besides being rude, he was quite obviously well past the speed limit, which is scary for an area where it’s usually safe for the kids to play (and they do).

        I kept wishing I had a clothesline handy to stretch across the street between his rounds…

    • We’re a month into autumn here and the weather has been glorious – better than summer which was really wet. That bed is a good place to be once winter comes about.

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