Brown, white or red, does it really matter?

Can anyone tell me the difference between a white and a brown onion when cooking? If I’m reading a recipe and it says that I need a brown onion, what would be the difference if I used a white one? Personally I like red onions so I usually use them anyway. Otherwise I use brown.

Just wondering.


17 thoughts on “Brown, white or red, does it really matter?

  1. Red onions are sweet; white and yellow onions have a “bite” to them if you eat them raw, unless you’re using Vidalia onions, which their growers claim are as sweet as fruit. Since raw onion gives me heartburn, I’ll pass on that. I have no idea what a brown onion is, unless they mean scallions.

    The Indian in-laws like using red onions in their cooking. Italian recipes usually call for the yellow ones. I guess it depends on the cuisine.

    • No, not scallions. They’re big like other onions but brown. I think we use them a lot here. The yellow ones here always look very raggedy and thin skinned.

      Definitely need to use red for salads!

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