Show Day

When I was a kid, the local show was the biggest event of the year, I think it probably was in all small country towns. There was always great build up and excitement about it and I couldn’t wait to get there on the Saturday to buy a show bag and have a go (or fifty) on the clowns. I loved the clowns.

Papa took these shots. Have to laugh at that ride with the horses swinging around. it looks like something my father might have built in the backyard using scrap metal.


6 thoughts on “Show Day

  1. I wonder if Show Days aren’t similar to county fairs here in the US. In California they’re not as popular, since the state has become so urbanized: but in Minnesota they’re still a very big deal. Some towns spend most of the year planning the activities for the fair, which is meant to display livestock and other projects for 4-H or Young Farmers of America, and to hold contests for things like pie and cake baking, vegetable pickling, and quilt making. (And yes, we had sheep shearing contests. I felt sorry for the sheep, which always looked bewildered as they were flipped onto the stage and shaved by the contestants, who were looking for speed and not for being gentle to the animal.)

    The merry-go-round has always been my favorite ride. My children roll their eyes when I insist on getting on one, but it’ll be a sad day when I can’t ride a wooden horse around in circles for a few minutes.

    • Yes, thats what they were like. My mother used to always win all the flower arranging competitions. There was photography, baking, lots of things and all sorts of farm equipment. They’re not like that anymore though, not as big. I was always too scared to go on any rides, I just liked my clowns.

      • She suffered from her knees and felt in the stairs.Then she felt at the hospital the day she was to come back home.Then, they decided to tie her in bed and to let her pee and poo on her. Then she had a little stroke and then a big one … and she became confused. She had no right to have visits outside the hours … and she died alone ….

        • That sounds terrible Apolline! Very sad way for a life to end. Whenever my father was in hospital I felt that the hospital system had very little time for the elderly.

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