like father like son

Lloyd and Daz walking down some dodgy lane way looking very similar from behind.

Loose arms, skinny hips, right shoulder down, left hand fingers hanging, right hand more bunched.

Spooky – can’t fight those genes.


8 thoughts on “like father like son

  1. It’s odd how the genes get distributed, isn’t it? My son and older daughter are tall like their father, but their features are more like mine, black hair, brown eyes. My son recently began growing curly hair like his dad’s, which made me laugh the first time I saw it. My younger daughter is more my height, but she inherited her father’s features, fine brown wavy hair, fair skin, large eyes (but brown, not hazel like his), and the Scandinavian “ski-jump” nose. I enjoy seeing how my kids turned out, though I suppose they all curse me for having inherited my terrible eyesight.

    I think all of your children have your eyes. When you post photos of them, I see you looking back.

    • I’ve only seen your son with short cropped hair – you’ll have to post some pics. It reminded me of a football player here who wears his hair almost shaved but every now and then it grows out and it’s this massive afro and it’s always a surprise to see it.

      I see myself in my kids when they were younger, especially my youngest. And sometimes I feel myself looking like Emjay or my other sister Min. I don’t need to be looking in a mirror, I’ll be pulling a face and I just know it’s the same look I’ve seen on one of their faces.

  2. My mum stated the same thing once when we were out and about. Dad was walking on one side of the street and I was on the opposite. Mum was walking behind and started laughing, telling us that even though we were so far apart people could tell that we are from the same family just by the way we are walking and the whole body posture.

    • Lol, my kids would be mortified if they walked like me. I have an inetresting style mainly due to a bad lower back but also my feet tend to point out to the sides which I get from my father apparently.

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