Page Turner

I don’t use book marks.

I’m a (insert evil music here) page turner.


Apparently I’ll never be able to be a library tech. Whenever I mention in class that I’m a page turner the teachers look at me as if I’ve been playing accomplice to a serial killer or something. I’m too scared to tell them that I mark pages of library books with a pencil so I know if I’ve read them before.


Just a little pencil mark, a dot really, under the 20 on page 20 because thats my birthday and when you read as many library books as I do it’s good to know which ones you’ve had.

Book marks always seem to slip out or I lose them. I used to have a really cute one that was a head on a massive paper clip but I lost it.

I remember thinking this one was really cute and I almost bought it before I realised it would be a waste of money. It was for sale on etsy, just search for wizard of oz book marks if you’re a fan and there’s a few on there. This particular one isn’t for sale anymore.

I’m still tempted.


11 thoughts on “Page Turner

  1. I bought bookmarks to hand out to the students. Many of them don’t know what they are? They stare at it as though I have put an alien in their hand. Actually I think they would recognise a bookmark. Another thing that will go into the oblivion in the not distant future. Just as people think writing letters is now romantic, they will think that bookmarks were quaint.
    I am surprised that you were not tarred and feathered and run out of town, woman!

    • There’s one old dear teaching at TAFE who shoots daggers at me every time she talks about book marks.

      I’m still a bit of a letter writer but my writing is atrocious, I spend so much time tapping on a keyboard that my handwriting has suffered greatly.

  2. When you say page turner, is that the same as dogearing a book? Turning down the corner of the page? I do that (to my own books) to the pages with a passage I want to copy down. When I was a kid I used to collect bookmarks. Then as an adult I would use whatever scrap of paper or 20 dollar bill or whatever, but I bought an Ampelman bookmark in Berlin back in early 2007 ( ) and have been using it constantly ever since. Amazing!
    In other news, I had a dream this morning that I was reading through my WP blogs I follow and both you & FD had posted audio posts where instead of writing anything, you just recorded your voices. All I really remember was that FD had just come back from vacation and she’d been staying at a place of yours (like you had a vacation home you’d let her borrow for free) and I forget what you had said. (exciting stuff, I know)

    • Yep, dog earing. I write in them and dog ear them. My mum told me once that it is a sign of a well loved and well read book when it had a few scribbles and page turns in it. The bookmark I bought was similar to that one you have but I still didn’t use it.

      Lol, the dream – thats some crazy shit there. I hope she got to stay somewhere nice because I like the idea of owning a vacation home – hopefully it was on a river.

  3. Couldn’t you use Post-It notes, those sticky memo thingies, to mark your place? I got in the habit of marking my books in grad school with those things, so that some of my textbooks look like they’re bristling with these neon-colored tabs of paper. As for keeping track of the books you read, there’s, which allows you to keep lists of the books you’ve read or want to read. Cranky and I are both members, as are a lot of people on WordPress. They even have a smartphone app so you can check your lists or the recommendations of others when you’re at the library or bookstore.

    And…the librarian at the little branch where I volunteer would cut off your fingers if she caught you marking the pages of her books. Yes, she thinks of them as HER books, and heaven forfend you bend or stain the pages. I overheard her rant one day about people who eat while reading a library book, so now I don’t even have a glass of red wine while I’m reading. Which stinks. 😦

    • Nah, those things are just a waste of paper and I spend enough time on the internet and my phone as it is. Anyway it was the librarian at my local branch who told me to mark the pages of the books I’ve read.

  4. Confession time…I’m a page turner as well! I realize it is incredibly hypicritical, since I am a reading specialist, and usually have to remind a student or two on a daily basis how to treat their books (of course, those lectures are usually about not flipping the book in half to read it, breaking the spine in the process, which is one of my major pet peeves). Doesn’t help that I often have to fix said books once they have been broken, since half of my lectures occur when I see them treating one of my books improperly! I do use a bookmark when I am around the kids, but at home, almost never. I don’t know why, it’s just something I’ve always done. It’s not like we are hurting for bookmarks in this house, either…guess I’m just lazy!

    • Lol, I don’t page turn because I’m lazy. I just find it easier. Bookmarks always seem to fall out or slide out, at least this way I know exactly where I was up to. I don’t do it to other peoples books though. Much easier with a kindle anyway.

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