A man with a bun

I like to think I’m a tolerant person. I don’t judge people by the way they look (much). After all I am a bit of a freak myself. I can assure you there are not many heavily tattooed, female, 48 year old, in training library technicians out there. People have been judging me by the way I look for years.

However, to me, there is just something really wrong about a man wearing his hair in a high bun. Man with long hair – ok, man with pony tail – ok, man with plait – ok, man with Heidi Klum bun – wrong.

Since my father died and I saw his body after he died and I had a punch in the face moment where I realised that your looks and your body have nothing to do with your spirit or personality I have been even more accepting of people. Every time I’m walking down the street and I see someone wearing something really……ummmm…. unusual, I say to myself – but I bet they have a really beautiful soul.

But seeing a man wearing a high bun today has really pushed my limits. I saw him this morning when I was walking into the TAFE carpark and at first I thought he was a masculine woman. Not even an overly masculine woman. He was tall and slim, but manly, with a high bun. Nicely rounded. A neat high rounded bun. I’m thinking he may have had doughnut hairpiece assistance.

So when I got closer to the bun he turned around and he had a goatee. So unless he was a bearded lady I had to accept that it was a man.

Lol, I’m sure it’s prefectly normal and just some hang up of mine but I just found it to be really weird.

23 thoughts on “A man with a bun

    • Hmmmmmmm, maybe. But I did follow him (well not follow him, but walk behind him) all the way to the computer lab and I know those computers can be dangerous things, but……….

  1. You’re not alone, Janey-Jane. I would have done a double-take, too.
    Like this…
    “Doo du doo du doo. Hmm! A man with a bun. Doo du… (Long pause) A *man* with a *bun*? (look again) Huh! A man with a bun! Well, now I’ve seen everything.”

    So you’re not alone.

    • I think he surprised me because I was wearing a bun as well (which I don’t normally) and it was positioned in the same spot but his was much neater than mine!

      • I don’t think it would have made much difference to me. Now that I think about it, I would probably have been hard pressed not to stare after my initial double-take.

  2. There are a number of Sikhs where I live, and they all wear their hair in buns, albeit usually covered by a turban. I had one Sikh student who wore his hair in a bun with no turban however, and it looked very hip, though it was in the back of his head and not the top.

    Living here on the West Coast, I’ve seen so many unusual things—men in sarongs, women wearing nothing but a bra and tattoos on their chests, hair in all colors of the rainbow—that it just doesn’t faze me anymore. Then I see something really strange—a man wearing a boa constrictor and thong panties, for instance—and I think how much I miss the Midwest and men in dress shirts and khaki pants. Normal is the new weird, as far as I’m concerned.

    • There are men (and women) in our town who don’t cut their hair for religious reasons but they wear it in a low rolled bun and I can’t say it looks very hip. Lol, this guy did not look hip at all – he was wearing short shorts and a truckies singlet with thongs.

      • All right, I’ve translated that into American and I think you mean a wifebeater with flip flops. Short shorts, unfortunately, are universal.

        That does make it more surreal. If he’d been in a sarong, I wouldn’t think it odd, but in this get-up, I would have noticed too. And I live near San Francisco.

  3. Yeah, well, I’m accepting of nearly everything and, outside of some Tranny or club event, it would have irritated me too. I can’t believe you didn’t sneak a picture for us!

    • Lol, irritated is the right word. I was busting to take a photo of him but there were too many people about and at TAFE we’re always being reminded about all those pesky laws about taking peoples photo’s.

  4. Living in L.A., I see oddities very often, and I separate them into two groups: one that goes for the different only to get noticed, the other that does so solely because they want to, and feel comfortable that way. Unfortunately those that I see usually fall into the first group. Hopefully I vex them by not taking photos of them.

    But in the past two weeks I’ve seen – on two occasions – people taking walks with parrots on their shoulders. I found it rather charming – not irritating: sometimes a bird needs some fresh air.

    • I wonder if they (the birds) are tied on somehow. Or maybe they have their wings clipped. I would find that charming as well. (The walking, not the clipping!)

  5. definitely weird……walk a wide path around………..weirdo

    Wife beater, flip flops, short shorts and a high bun………ahhh, nnnoo

    • Funny you should mention that, but no he wasn’t. However we were out for dinner last night and I did in fact see an Indian man with a bun and it looked perfectly fine. This other guy his was like a brides bun, I’m sure there was a foam helper involved.

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