Belated Birthday

It was my birthday on Monday. I forgot to mention it. It was a funny sort of day.

First year that my father didn’t ring me to sing Happy Birthday to You. First year my birthday card said – Love from Mum and not Love from Mum and Dad.

Guess there will be lots of little firsts like that over the next twelve months.

My mother is a funny sort. She sent me an email on my birthday and talked about a few different things but didn’t mention my birthday at all. Maybe it’s because we had lunch together on Friday and she said have a good birthday then and didn’t feel the need to repeat herself.

Here’s an old photo of us. I’m the baby of course and obviously they didn’t make hawaiian shirts in my size back then. My grandparents must have bought those back went they travelled.

It looks like Mum might have been going through her – who needs a hairdresser stage. Min definitely looks like she has a home done fringe and Greg has a massive side part. We could have done with a copy Hairdressing for Dummies in our house back then.


20 thoughts on “Belated Birthday

  1. What a great photo! My goodness, how Emjay looks like your dad. Everyone is so cute. The haircuts aren’t that bad, everything looks straight and neat. Side parts were big here through the 70s, it’s funny to look at the boys in some of my old class photos.
    And oh yeah, Happy Belated Birthday. That year of firsts stinks. But then those firsts don’t come as often after that.

    • They have the same smile don’t they. I think Dad was just heading into his chubby years about this time. My brothers hair is more of a comb over than a side part!

  2. Happy-as-possible Birthday.

    I love the photo. No wonder your kids are so good-looking, they take after your dad. Emjay looks just like him and I’d know you and Min for sisters in this photo easily. She is sort of between you and Emjay in looks.

    Where did Greg’s ginger hair come from?

    • My brother is a throwback or something, I don’t know anyone else in the family who is a ranga. (Possibly you don’t call redheads ranga’s). His hair became much lighter as the years passed.

  3. Happy belated birthday. I hope you were able to celebrate a little. It is sad when a loved one isn’t there to mark anniversaries and holidays with us. I remember my first birthday after my grandmother died, and not seeing in the mailbox a card with a ten-dollar bill tucked inside. That brought home her loss for me.

    Your mom didn’t do such a bad job with the scissors. My older daughter still can’t forgive me for making her bangs so ridiculously short she looked like she had a receding hairline. I decided to let a hairdresser do her hair after that, and the damn professional did the exact same thing to her bangs. The poor girl couldn’t win either way.

    • Yes, it was not seeing his name on the birthday card which was sad.

      A friend of mine who is a hairdresser told me about a time she cut a little girls fringe and the kid must have had her eyebrows raised up throughout the haircut because when they were finished and the kid relaxed her eyebrows her fringe was about a centimetre long.

  4. I hope you had something special for your birthday. Perhaps that outstanding bottle of wine that I’ve imagined we’d share? And by ‘outstanding’ I mean ‘anything with alcohol content that won’t make us go blind.’

    The new normal can suck for quite a little while but then it’s just normal eventually.

  5. Belated happy birthday!

    Over Christmas Dad made me help to sort through old pictures. And there were quite a few of me ranging around age 3 to 8. Seeing them again I told my parents that these haircuts alone will make sure that they won’t go to heaven.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Know that my good wishes are for the whole year not just on your birthday. I think you were attracted to Daz because he looks like your Dad in many ways. I am envious of all your wonderful pictures. Our family pictures are all blurry and faded. Perhaps that was because my Mom used a black plastic box camera that only flashed if she licked the bulb before inserting. (Most of the time it didn’t flash anyhow) lol

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