Chicken Little and Crazy Cow

Chicken Little loves her Crazy Cow toy. Technically I think this is a sheep but the first one was a cow so as they get grotty and replaced we just keep calling them cow.

It’s crazy because it squeaks. It squeaks a lot. The first time she accidentally made it squeak and she ran away scared. Now she loves it. I’m pretty sure she tries to communicate with us by squeaking it. When she wants to go for a walk she goes crazy on it. The neighbours must think we have a demented kiddie living here. Sometimes she gets in such a frenzy with it she can’t settle down enough to let you get her harness on. It’s like she wants to go for the walk but she can’t resist the excitement of the endless squeak.

We’re used to it now but sometimes I notice when visitors are here and she’s on the squeak that they do this rapid blinking thing ever time it squeaks.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Little and Crazy Cow

    • Well, she would let you hug and pet her on her conditions. She has a problem with hair. If you bend down near her face with your hair down she’ll snap at you. I was trying to get her used to hair one day by lying down near her and fanning my hair out next to her and she freaked out and ran away and wouldn’t come near me. And if we’re having a nap and she’s leaning on me if I move she can be snappy. Little dogs are so temperamental.

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