Reading the label

I think this is a dirty trick.

I can’t be the only one who read this label as Ready to Eat….. can I?

I mean just about everything you buy at the supermarket is ready to bloody cook.

They took advantage of my dislike of shopping, my dislike of being in crowds of people and my dislike of cooking. They knew I was just going to latch on to the ready to part and run with it.

And look at the picture there, nice puffy cooked pappadums. Ready to eat they are.

I must admit I did wonder how those already cooked pappadums were staying in one piece in that flimsy box.


12 thoughts on “Reading the label

  1. You get pappadams in Australia? WHOA !
    You know it is an Indian delicacy, don’t you?

    Oh, they are stable for a very long time. Back home, my grandmom used to make pappadams every summer and store them in big boxes for the entire year. Making them is a cumbersome process, so we buy them these days.

    • We love a good curry and pappadum feed over here. The ones I buy are usually small thin transparent discs and when you put them in hot oil they explode and curl and grow and carry on into big yummy things. They always seem so oily though and I thought these “ready to eat” ones would be less so not to mention easier. They say on the packs that you can make them in the microwave but I’ve never had success with that.

  2. So how did they look when you took them out? Was it a powder mix?

    The Indian in-laws make pappadums from scratch, and they always make it look easy. When I do it at home however, the whole damn thing falls apart or gets burned on the pan. I think I need to move next to an Indian restaurant and just get takeout every day.

    • No, I’ve never seen powder mix. Here they come as sort of transparent discs that you throw into hot oil and they puff up. But they always seem to produce a lot of smoke and I end up with bits not cooked because they twist and turn so much.

  3. At least the printing is large enough to read, or misread. Too many packets have tiny writing that is impossible to read, even with eye glasses. They know we are an ageing population and yet the writing gets smaller!

    It is amazing how our brain reads words. I often have to laugh at the words on road signs I read as I drive to work. I entertain myself no end!

    • I substitute words all the time, especially when I’m reading books. I get to the end of a line and then think, that can’t be right and then see that I’ve just made up my own thing. I was driving along one day and laughed and said to my daughter, did you see that sign? Apparently you don’t have to make an appointment for a hamburger! And she said – it was a haircut mother.

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