This was Dad’s dog Polly. This photo always makes me laugh because she’s just sitting there looking as if she walks around wearing a Christmas hat every damn day of the year. Nothing unusual here people.

Polly died about two years ago and she was cremated at the same place that Betty was. It’s the only pet crematorium around and it covers a large area. Anyway her ashes sat in a box on dad’s dressing table with this awful tragic poem on a card nearby. You couldn’t read it without feeling weepy. I have one of my own now that came with Betty’s ashes but I’ve filed it away so I don’t have to look at it.

So when we were planning dad’s funeral and cremation Mum asked what we thought should go in the casket with him and I said – what about Polly? I knew Mum couldn’t stand having her about the house and Dad really loved his dogs so off she went with him. Just to clarify, Mum loved Polly as well and she couldn’t bear to think of her in the box as ashes, she liked to remember her wearing a christmas hat and running about the garden.

When Daz took Betty to the crematorium the man who runs it told Daz that he believes that when your pets die they cross this rainbow bridge and then spend some time frolicking about in a nice place where they’re all healthy and happy and they wait for you to turn up and when they see you coming over the bridge they come to meet you then you toddle off together. And thats kind of a nice idea. I like to think that Dad met up with Polly again. Mind you he owned a lot of dogs and if they’re all waiting there for him he’s going to have quite a pack following him about.

We’re a little bit concerned about Betty actually and what she will do if she meets up with the next door neighbors cat Monty who she hated with a vengeance. He hated her as well. He died a few years ago so I hope they’re not up there causing a ruckus. They had some terrible fights while they were alive.

We’re also having some issues agreeing on who Betty will go with. Because you’d presume that one of us will die before the other unless we’re involved in an accident together. If I die first will she refuse to come with me and want to wait for Daz? Do I have to wait with her on the rainbow bridge until he turns up? What about all the other cats and dogs? Who will they choose.

It’s almost turning into a custody battle.



16 thoughts on “Polly

  1. I love that picture! That’s nice that she went with your dad.

    I was going to say you could always bury Betty in a favorite spot in the back yard but you just moved and if I recall you don’t really have a very big yard? That’s a tough one. I have no idea what I will do with Elvis. I guess I’ll just keep him on a shelf until I’m gone and then have him buried or scattered with me. what a thought. Not that I have to think about it now but it’s still on my mind lately.

    • Lol, she’s so casual about it. We didn’t want to bury Betty here because we’re only planning on staying here until next year and yes the yard is very small. I’m like Mum, I don’t want to keep her in a box, I’d rather scatter her. Terrible to think of her in there.

  2. I thought you’d written that Daz had scattered her ashes at her favorite walking spot along a waterway of some sort?

    In 1000 years archaeologist will dig up our property and think ritualistic animal sacrifice was the norm because there are cats buried all over the place.

    • Daz is going to scatter our dog Betty’s ashes on the river walk, Dad’s dog Polly had her ashes put in with him. Daz was supposed to deal with Betty on Sunday but he couldn’t find a place he liked and was going to look elsewhere but I have a feeling that he’s driving around with her in his car at the moment. I’ll have to follow that up.

      I think the same thing about our backyard. If new people ever decide to dig up the yard to put a pool in they’ll be calling CSI. We buried two big dogs and four cats there.

      • We’ve got one cat buried here. With his outfits, so for sure in the future he’s going to be the thing for someone to suppose we worshiped cats and buried them in fine raiments. We put his name tag in there too, so at least they’ll know what the name of our god was. 🙂

        • Lol, we left the tags on ours but they didn’t have outfits. Mind you if we ever bury Chicken Little we’ll need a big hole, she practically needs a wardrobe.

  3. What a great way to send off two loved ones. I will need to remember that.
    And LOL at your train of thought regarding what the pets are up to on the other side of the rainbow bridge/custody battle. I would love to have that kind of imagination! 🙂

    • You know for the past few days I’ve been having this crazy visual of the great hereafter as some sort of madhouse full of literally, every man and his dog! I mean as a child I had a pet calf called Brendon, will he be there?

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