In case anyone was wondering where Emjay and I have been, we are with my father. He had another stroke on Saturday and is very unwell. It has been a very sad, emotional and tiring few days. More so for Emjay who had to fly to San Francisco then to Sydney then hire a car and drive another three hours to get to him not knowing what was happening or if she’d get here in time. But he knew she was coming and we knew he wouldn’t be going anywhere until he saw her.

We’ve had a long year doing the rounds of hospitals and nursing homes with Dad and every trip to hospital just knocks him about more. He was in hospital last week and when he got back to his nursing home he said no more. He made it clear that there would be no more trips to Hospital and we weren’t to send him back there. He said he just wanted to be with his girls, being the girls who work at his home, they are very good to him. When we told them Emjay was arriving yesterday they went to a special effort to spruce him up. A wash, clean sheets, clean pyjama’s, clean teeth.

Anyway I don’t know what will happen over the next few days but thats where we are at the moment – just being with him as much as we can.


19 thoughts on “Dad

  1. Your poor dad. I can imagine how he feels, after all that’s happened to him. At least he’s comfortable with the staff at his residence, and likes them enough he wants to stay in their care.

    As for you and Emjay, take care of yourselves while you’re looking after your father. You don’t know how long this particular stretch will last, so don’t drain yourselves and become ill as a result. ((Hugs)) for the both of you.

  2. Lots of love to you and Emjay and the whole clan o’ fam. I know how tightly knit your hearts are and how much this pulls at the family fabric.

    Peace, PapaJane. All the love that can possibly happen is right there all around you. And a little friendship from afar, too.

  3. oh, crap. I’m sorry for the difficult time and hope all goes as well as possible. I’m glad Emjay was able to make it down there. I’ll keep all of you in my thoughts.

  4. After seeing all the photos you’ve posted in the past, I feel like I know your father. You’ll all be in my thoughts – sending you the best of all possible California wishes.

  5. I have wondered where you two have been. I will keep both of you and especially your Mom in my prayers. (((((tight hugs to my two blog buds)))) Denise

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