Blinky gone bad

Remember that evil Christmas kangaroo I showed you here?

Well I found a friend for him, this charming little demented koala who lives in the mall.

Here kiddie, kiddie, kiddie, wanna go for a ride?


17 thoughts on “Blinky gone bad

  1. The future psychiatrists of Australia will be making a great deal of money from this in decades to come. “Every time Mum took me to the mall, there was this EVIL koala!”

    I think this is a drop bear that fell on Ronald McDonald, ate him, and stole his outfit.

    • No Mummy, don’t make me go on the koala, I’ll be good.

      I don’t know what he is actually. Is that an apple or a cricket ball or what. A friend took the photo and sent it to me when she was in South Australia.

  2. I remember begging for a quarter so I could ride those stupid things in the stores … but I think I’d shy away from that one (or run away). I still see those little rides, but have not seen a child riding one in forever.

    • My kids always wanted to ride them but I’d never let them as they always seemed such a waste of money. Everything that seemed bright and exciting seems drab and a a bit boring when you get older though. I haven’t seen one of those things for years though.

    • Yeah, I don’t know what that is – an upside down bottle of tomato sauce maybe?? Something to lure the kiddies in. Maybe it’s a poisoned apple.

  3. We need a young priest and an old priest! lol

    Seriously, if I was a kid and saw that in the mall, I would need so many years of therapy it’s not even funny.

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