in the kitchen

How have I managed all these years without a recipe book holder?

Lizzie gave me one for christmas and I love it. You can’t imagine how much easier it is reading a recipe having it upright in front of you rather than laying flat on the bench.

And it looks nice as well.

I’m seriously impressed.

Sushi time


14 thoughts on “in the kitchen

  1. May I ask what cookbook you’re using? The recipe I used on New Year’s Eve was okay, but the rice got smooshed by my constant mixing. I think I should have used more rice vinegar and sugar.

    I had a cookbook holder as well, but there isn’t enough counter space in my parents’ kitchen to put it anywhere. I have to copy the recipe onto a sheet of paper and stick it to the fridge with a magnet.

  2. I have a recipe holder, and another one near my computer to hold things I copy from. I adore them too. Problem is with recipe holder that I end up putting pages of recipes from magazines and magazines there too and so it gets layered until it all falls off!

    • I refuse to take recipes out of magazines anymore. A while back I had this huge folder full of them that accumulated over about ten years and I don’t think I cooked a single thing. I have a terrible addiction to cook books and magazines though. For Christmas Lizzie also gave me a retro cookbook (women’s weekly I think) and it has all these old adverts and pictures in it so I leave it open in my recipe holder, change it every day.

    • It’s too big for my house! I have nowhere to store it so it has to sit out on the bench all the time. But that’s okay, it looks nice. Nicer than the bloody toaster, jug and blender that sit up there all the time anyway.

  3. My hubby got me a cookbook stand with a clear plastic front for Christmas. It holds the book, paper or electronic tablet and hides it from splashes too. He said “since all of your recipes are covered in food… mainly because of me… I thought you might like this.” 🙂 I usually just clip them to the cabinet door handle with a clothespin. Guess I have to be “fancy” now, just like you.

  4. I love my cookbook stand – it sits on top of our breadbin when not in use. How I managed before, running from kitchen to dining table (only about four foot in a straight line, but still!)

    Well done, Lizzie!

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