it’s all about the label

When I’m buying a bottle of wine, my decision is based purely on the look of the label. I would never go on a wine tasting tour but I would probably go on a wine bottle label looking tour.

I just roam down the aisles until something jumps out at me and I buy it.

So today I think I had my best ever wine bottle label moment.

Have I ever mentioned how much of a Bon Scott fan I am?

Australia, ACDC, the seventies – well you had to be there I guess. I know they went on to bigger and better things after he died and they brought in the Scot wearing the stupid cap to replace him but for me ACDC just ain’t the same without Bon.

So even though 2011 has been a pretty shit year for me, this just about evened it out. Awesome way to end the year at 5pm in a busy shopping centre on new years eve.

This was my final selection for the night

So it’s just a couple of hours now until midnight here and I’m sure when I wake up in the morning I’ll still be the same person and everything else will pretty much be the same. So I’ll end the year with a quote from Bon.

“It keeps you fit – the alcohol, nasty women, sweat on stage, bad food – it’s all very good for you.”

— Bon Scott (when asked about touring)

He was a funny little guy but he sure did have charisma. I think I’ve said before that I would have tapped that nasty boy but of course I was only 12 years old back then.

Happy New year people be you family, in the flesh friends or internet friends. I love you all.


25 thoughts on “it’s all about the label

    • I haven’t paid much attention to our beer labels but I don’t think they’re that thrilling. The cider bottles have a lot of quirky sort of labels though, and names. Our books here have different covers than you guys have and I do believe ours are nicer. I find it hard to go past a book that has bevelled text on the cover.

  1. I saw AC/DC in Chicago about six months after Bon Scott died. There was a sad vibe at the concert, though some people in the audience thought getting drunk and acting like jerks could make up for it. The people I was with, all hardcore fans, said the band was nowhere near what it was like when Scott led them. I’d like to think however that I passed on my love for AC/DC to my son, who says “It’s a Long Way to the Top” is one of his favorite songs.

    Anyway, I’ll have to look for that wine the next time I go to the imports store. Happy New Year to you, Jane.

    • Lol, every year here they have a huge turn out of drunk fans at Bon’s grave in W.A. on the anniversary of his death.

      Does your son sing – It’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll? That’s what everyone sings here. lol.

  2. not a big AC/DC fan but I am a big moscato fan so, good choice!! i wish sparkling wines/champagnes/proseccos were more creative with their labeling. if so, i’d probably use the same method as you.

    Happy 2012!

    • I’m not a moscato fan but my daughter drinks it so she can have it and I’ll just keep the bottle. I’ve never really looked at sparkling labels before.

  3. LOL – I do exactly the same thing and always get “The Killer” when I’m home – can’t get it here. One trip home I got the manservant to carry 4 bottles of it back here. I bought a label today called Middle Sister even though I’m not and a Purple Cowboy. I don’t like Moscato much – too sweet.

  4. Those labels would have certainly made for a rock and roll night! I hope that this morning you aren’t feeling like a hung over rock star! Happy New Year, I hope it is a wonderful year for you and your family.

  5. My cousin is a huge AC/DC fan. He was featured on VH1 a few years ago for having a huge collection of AC/DC memorabila. I don’t even know how many times he’s seen them in concert, but it’s a lot!

    I know I haven’t been on here a lot for the past few months, but I hope to change that soon, now that the baby is on a more regular sleep schedule. I’ve missed catching up with all of my Vox/Wordpress buddies. Hope you have a fantastic new year! :o)

    • We know you had a busy year last year but I’ve been looking at your cute bubby pics, they sure do grow quickly, you’ll be planning a 16th birthday before you know it.

  6. AC/DC were my landlords in the late 80’s. Really, the apartment building I lived in was owned by them as part of their investments, so I know they didn’t spend it all on booze, drugs, and groupies.

    You should go wine tasting. It’s a cheap way to learn what’s good and what’s not, plus it’s very convivial and a good way to get absolutely blotto. We have a designated driver, of course, so the rest of us can drink away. But I wouldn’t recommend what some people do, which is go down the wine trails on a bicycle. They don’t stay in their lane and I’m not sure how they stay upright.

    • They probably became more sensible as they aged.

      We live in one of the biggest wine growing regions of Australia but we never go to the vineyards. Too many people for one thing – everyone comes for the weekend from Sydney – also the cost of everything is ridiculous. I went once with friends but can’t say I was really into the whole thing. I think most wine tastes like vinegar anyway – the first few gulps at least.

      • The mom and pop wineries around here are still free. We don’t go as much as we used to b/c of getting old and having medication that conflicts. But we learned back then.


    • You know I couldn’t think of anything worse than going to one of their concerts!! I hate being near crowds of people. I have a vinyl of theirs as well, can’t remember which one it is now.

  7. Have you heard that … in french :
    – Coucou lapinou ! (“lapinou” is a small rabbit : “Hi little rabbit”)
    – Lapinou qui ? (Little rabbit who ? [having his surname and asking his name]
    – Lapinou Year ( l’happy new year”)
    …Nevermind ! ..
    Happy new year and thousand loves for all of you.

  8. I can’t drink wine that doesn’t have a good label. It’s just not right.

    Happy New Year, good lady. We’ll kick it’s ass just like we’ve kicked all the rest of them.

    • Happy New Year to you too – it would be nice to have a year that didn’t require having it’s arse kicked, just one would do. One that just strolled along pleasantly.

  9. With labels like these, you drink straight from the bottle. A glass just gets in the way.

    Happy New Year – as SKatz says, it simply doesn’t have a chance.

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