the colour of an Australian christmas

Those stupid snow flakes fluttering over the WordPress blogs every Christmas really piss me off. Because the southern hemisphere does exist you know and here in Australia our christmas days look like this.

Beautiful clear blues, crisp greens and gorgeous splashes of other colours such as orange. And not a single bloody snow flake in sight.

Time to get with it WordPress.


25 thoughts on “the colour of an Australian christmas

    • Lol, well you know what I mean though. We’ve had such a wet December. I thought I’d be at the beach ever day of my holidays but they’ll be over soon and I haven’t been once yet. I’ve hardly even been out of long pants.

      • As Cranky pointed out: If you go to your dashboard > settings, you can find the option to turn off display of snowflakes on pages which have turned it on – it’s the last option on the page. I think the entire thing stops Jan 4, or sometime close to that.

      • It was a problem on Vox too. I remember one Australian blog I came across where all he did was answer the QotD and Vox Hunt and most of his answers were: this is an Ameri-centric question (or something to that effect). And it was totally true, there were all questions about American sporting events, holidays, etc. Like all of the English-speaking Vox users must be American.

    • Rained in the morning but cleared up as we got to Mums. I heard on the tv that this will be our coldest wettest December on record but hopefully yesterday was the start of summer finally.

  1. Gorgeous here today (thought about taking a pic of palm trees & blue sky but I’ve done that enough) but I still like my wp snowflakes – it’s pretty much the only way I see them.

    Hope you’re having a lovely day and that it’s not toooooo hot!

    • It was a nice day but hot. I like hot though and we haven’t had much of it this year although I’ll be complaining about it when it kicks in. If summer ever kicks in that is.

  2. It’s also that way for those of us who live in desert or semi-tropical areas like California. We can see snow if we drive up to the Sierras or to the Northwest, but rarely do we see even a snowflake during our winters. I think it’s a cultural thing, however: the traditions we observe at Christmas time, decorated evergreen trees, Santa in a sleigh drawn by reindeer, ice skating, furry hats, all came from northern Europe and England. Wherever people celebrate Christmas, they drag their cultural baggage around, so that even in places like Hawaii people are expected to put up pine trees in their living rooms, sing “Jingle Bells” (one-horse open sleighs in Honolulu?), and greet poor Santa, who’s dressed in a red velvet and fur costume. (Sometimes they tweak the traditions a bit—Santa wears a Hawaiian shirt and comes in with a surfboard, or people decorate palm trees with lights.)

    For those of us who used to live in snowy climes, a little fake snow is okay. I’m glad I don’t have to shovel it off my walk or dig my car out from under it, but it is pretty, and I miss its appearance and that first snowfall in the fall.

    • I’ve never seen snow. Only really two areas in Australia that have it and I’ve never had the urge to travel there. You can imagine how people flock there during the few months that it does snow although I think a lot of the time they have to top it up with the snow machines.

      Being a nation originally of convicts we held on to the idea of an English christmas for a long time. No matter how hot it was people still insisted on having the full hot meal – ham, turkey, gravy, potatoes all topped off with heavy hot christmas pudding covered in brandy sauce. The poor women must have been sweltering in the kitchens. These days we’re over that and stick with cold seafood and ham and salads. Lots of people spend the day at the beach or have bbq’s. It’s not really the snow I have a problem with, it’s WordPress and how they don’t acknowledge us southerners.

      • Earlier tonight I was reading that when George Bailey is sweating while he has his breakdown on the bridge (“it’s a wonderful life”), it was actually Jimmy Stewart having heat exhaustion because they filmed on what turned out to be several of the hottest days of the year.

    • The BFFs have a Hawaiian shirt Santa with surfboard on their front porch. The people a few doors down from them have lights wrapped around their big palm trees.

      Not that it’s surfing weather here, either, it was down near freezing night before last! There are probably idiots out during the day in insulated suits, though — nothing stops those surfers.

      • True that! Our sea’s are wild at the moment. Bloody cyclones and things up north stirring things up – they have signs out on the beaches saying to STAY THE HELL OUT, but they still get out there.

  3. Gorgeous! It was a glorious Christmas Day here in Southern California, too — 78F and sunny. Felt like springtime, rather than the first week of winter.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Oh wow, that’s nice weather. It’s probably even warmer than we’ve had here this summer. You must be a bit like Queensland – Beautiful one day, perfect the next. (Thats their slogan).

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