merry things

Happy strawberry daiquiri.

Oh and merry christmas as well.

I must say this has been the most unchristmassy christmas I think I’ve ever had. And I’m not the first one to say that. I’m just not feeling the chrissy love this year.

It’s been a long year that flew by, if that makes sense. Most of it filled with my fathers various trips in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. He gets to escape from the home tomorrow and go to his home for lunch. We’re going over for the day and I’m expecting it to be pretty depressing really. You know if he wasn’t such an impatient man none of this would have happened and he knows that. He said to me not long ago – I bought this all on myself. If he had of just sat in his chair and waited for Mum to help him and not tried to get into bed on his own he wouldn’t have fallen over, broken his ribs and started the whole merry go round depressing disaster that it became. I don’t know if I’d want to go home if I was him and then have to leave and go back to the fun house. See my room and my things, I just don’t know.

But he will be fine no doubt and put on a positive face like he always does. And we’ll all just eat too much and drink too much and get on with it as well. As we do.

I’m not sure when this photo was taken, maybe late 60’s. Typical Australian christmas day. Bloody hot and dry. Considering my mother only had one sister and my father was an only child they managed to pull a good crowd on christmas day. It was always a big day, lots of people, lots of grog and food and always lots of cherries. That was when cherries were a christmas treat and only arrived at the shops in December. Now of course they fly in from overseas just about all year round.

Maybe that’s my problem with christmas. When I used to see cherries in the supermarket it was exciting because it meant Christmas was close. Now I see them in August and it ruins it. Shops start displaying trees and decorations in early November and for some absurd reason we have Christmas in July celebrations. I refuse to acknowledge Christmas in July.

But as I say, late 60’s maybe although I don’t see any of my siblings or myself in there. There seem to be a few people missing. That’s my mother sitting at the front in between the two kids and that’s Dad standing behind her and to the right with the blue shirt, black hair and smiling. I think thats Mums sister peeking from behind the tree but she looks alarmingly young. Sorry it’s kind of crap quality but if you click through it gets a bit clearer but you get the idea, blue sky, dead grass, hot sun, everyone sweating like a mofo in their good gear.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and an extraordinary new year and I hope to see you all back here safe and sound and not too many kilos heavier.



18 thoughts on “merry things

  1. There are mostly Barden’s in that photo – that’s Molly on the far right, then Aunty Mary and then Auntie Jen. All those children are Barden children. This would be the early-mid 50’s – not long till I came along…..

    • I thought it might have been earlier. That little girl sitting next to Mum looks a lot like Sarah but I knew it couldn’t have been her. Is that Peter next to Lois? Is that even Lois, she looks about 16!!

      • I think from the right: Molly, Aunty Mary, Aunty Jen, Aunty Kath, Uncle Arthur (Jen’s husband) Nan is being hugged by Molly’s husband (Nan’s brother). I think the lady on the left is a Bradford or De BooSmith. The boy at the front is the eldest child of Molly, Colin. Yes, that is Lois peeking around the bush but not sure who the man is – she didn’t meet Peter until her 30’s. I wonder if Vera is the reddish haired woman on the grass…. The women way outlived the men – the Barden genes are good ones to have.

        • Oh wow, I remember Aunty Mary and Aunty Jen as being ancient. I used to go over to Aunty Jen’s sometimes but it was always a bit scary to me. The house was always so quiet and dark. I always felt a bit like a fairy playing in her garden, I never wanted to be caught. There was always a biscuit tin involved when I was. Did someone else live with her? – a woman. I remember Aunty Mary very fondly though. She was so sweet and gentle. I must have stayed with Nan on her card playing afternoons because I remember a lot of them happened at Mary’s house. I’d go and sit under the table while they played cards. There were four of them but I don’t remember who the other two women were. I remember one’s face. They’d always have sandwiches and slice for afternoon tea.

  2. Merry Christmas Jane! Christmas was so much simpler and nicer when we were kids, that’s for sure! We don’t really have Christmas in July celebrations here, thank god, I can hardly stand all the hubbub in Nov. & Dec. It doesn’t feel too Christmassy here either. But at least it’s not summer, I still can’t fathom that concept!

    • Lol I know how you feel about christmas in summer because I feel the same way about christmas in winter. It is just so wrong you guys!! Christmas in July, what a marketing scam, when I see Santa on Tv ads in July I feel like smashing the tv in.

  3. (Homebody and I took our Christmas picture this morning and your name came up not once, not twice, but three times during the morning activities.)

    Happy Christmas.

    • It’s funny isn’t it how my christmas day is just ending and you guys are mostly sleeping or waking up soon to have yours. I think I have one more daiquiri left in me. Merry christmas

  4. Well. As Dickens observed, Christmas can be awful because we have not only our present sufferings but the past and future haunting us as well. But I hope you can still find some fun in being with your parents and your own family. And I wouldn’t rule out a basket of cherries. They can be a funny metaphor for life. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

    • Lolol, you know I had a few bloody awful cherries last night, they had funny rotten bits on the top, but they were mixed in with some perfect ones, so there you go.

  5. We’ve made it through another one, so merry Christmas and have another daiquiri.

    I love the old photo. Things were simpler then, but not everyone wanted to be simplified.

    I told my chiro (who is visiting his mom in hospice for the last time now) the story of your Dad calling the police when he was stuck in his room. He loved it and is going to spread it far and wide. So while he may be in a bad place now, tell him he’s being inspirational to others.

    • They’re filling things those daiquiri’s yet so rereshing on a hot day, which we have deinitely had today.

      Lol the phone call to the police, he still has his sense of humour for sure. Thats nice – you passing on the story.

  6. I love the idea of having the presents & party outdoors. We get warm weather (gorgeous today but cold tonight) but I’ve never known anyone to move their Christmas celebration outdoors.

    I hope you have a wonderful gathering with your father.

    • Funny isn’t it, we always have Christmas day outside unless it’s just so hot that we have to be inside with the air conditioner going. A lot of people here spend the day at the beach with their families.

      I’m home now and just about to go to bed with some leftover potato salad and it was a good day. Still sad but he has such a great sense of humour that it was all fine. It was just sad to go into his bedroom and see all his things still sitting there exactly the same. he didn’t go in there though, didn’t even ask.

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