No Swimming

no swimming sign

Damn, thats a shame. Because the water looked so inviting.

Rubbish bins people – use them.

If you’re wondering whats painted on the sign it says pokies – as in poker machines. Lol, spell check liked pokies so I googled it and found photos of some women with enormous nipples – do we call them pokies?


8 thoughts on “No Swimming

    • I haven’t thought about Gumby for ages. We used to be mad for him when the kids were small, we watched it every day as well as endless videos. I always think of him when I’m making bread or pizza dough because The Abominable Dough Man was one of our favourite episodes.

      • I don’t remember any of the episodes. But my family started saying “Okey dokey pokey”, which was then answered with “gumby oyey doey” (or “doughy”). I ordered “gumby oyey doey” on a cake for my mother but picked it up and it was blank – because they didn’t know what the hell i meant. I explained that I’d written it exactly as desired, they did the lettering, and my entire family enjoyed it.

        • Lol, that reminds me of someone who ordered a birthday cake and told the girl to – put roses on the side and when she came to pick it up they’d written the word roses along the side.

    • Lol – you learn something new every day.

      It’s a little creek that I walk past every day. When the tide is out you see all sorts of stuff in there. The other day an old guy was fishing in there and I’ve seen people getting oysters from the rocks as well which seems pretty gross. I wouldn’t eat anything out of there thats for sure and I’ve never been tempted to go for a dip.

  1. That appears to have real combinations of pollutants in it. You’re going to get giant mutant oyster creatures like in a Japanese monster movie.

    “Pokies” is apparently the plural of “poky”, which is slang for jail. Which I suppose you might go to depending on what you did with the nipples.

    • Ooh yeah, I always picture something like the three eyed fish from the Simpsons coming out of that creek.

      Here you’d probably say that you were in the nick if you were in jail, or banged up

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