Ireland 1957 – Papa’s Slidebox

Ireland 1957

Vintage photo of Ierland 1957


6 thoughts on “Ireland 1957 – Papa’s Slidebox

  1. I love the photo of the man with the donkey cart, and the horse in the background. I’m a sucker for horses anyway, but I feel there’s something magical about riding in wagons or carriages drawn by animals. (And my father would say otherwise, since he had to ride behind a couple of horses on an old buckboard in the summer when he was a child, with flies and dust and the occasional road apple shooting out.)

    The cottage in the second photo looks like it’s half buried underground.

    • I love horses but I’m a bit scared of them. They’re so big and powerful and some of them look a bit skittish about the eyes. Probably just because I was never around them growing up.

      The cottage looks as if you may have some trouble opening that red door doesn’t it.

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