early morning alarm

Why do people have car alarms if they’re not even going to come out and check the bloody things when they go off?

I’m on holidays people and it’s 7am, just come out and turn the damn thing off.


11 thoughts on “early morning alarm

  1. So useless. I hope they aren’t the talking type, the sequence of noises is bad enough.

    Right after the big earthquake here (which set off all the cars), I wanted to kill some people for having their alarms on. Every time there was an aftershock, they’d all go off again. But people would come out and reset them and were too stupid to shut them off for a couple of days.

    A friend of mine had a mockingbird in the neighborhood that had learned to imitate one of those alarms that has all the different whoop whoop noises. And it would do it over and over.

    • Lol, I didn’t know you could get talking ones. What do they say? Do they yell?

      Lol, the bird as well – how annoying. It reminded me of a story I heard on the news a while ago about how cockatoos in the wild here have been heard swearing. They’re picking it up from the domestic cockies that have escaped or become lost that had been taught swear words.

      • They don’t make them any more, I think. I guess they were too annoying. They had them in the late 80’s and they had some kind of sensors. It would yell in a manly voice “You are too close to the vehicle! Please STEP BACK!” and then beep the horn.

        Of course, this just made people deliberately touch the cars.

  2. Wouldn’t you just love to blow up the car? One of our neighbors has a car alarm that goes off between midnight and 5 a.m. on weekdays, and before 8 a.m. on weekends. It’s apparently so sensitive a cat or squirrel jumping on its hood will set it off. My father told him to just put the damn car in the garage if he’s so worried about it being ‘jacked, but he whined that his wife wants her minivan in there and after that there’s no space.

    The irony of course is that no one pays any attention to the alarm anymore because of all the false setoffs. If it ever actually gets stolen, everyone will just roll over and try to go back to sleep.

    • Exactly – no one pays any attention to them. I’m not going to go out and fight off a car thief for someone thats for sure. Especially when they can’t even be bothered going to have a look. My car doesn’t have an alarm so it can just be stolen in peace and quiet.

    • Lol – well that would be one way of meeting my new neighbours. Maybe I could take to the noisy kids next door with a bat as well. Probably should wait until after our street party this weekend.

        • Ok then, so when I’m slightly drunk and I’ve just met everyone in the street and we’re leaving, I’ll go out and smash the shit out of one of the other guests car with a softball bat. (we don’t play baseball here)


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