lunch at the reserve

Can you believe we’re into day six of summer here and today I took Chicken Little for a walk wearing a beanie and my warmest jacket. Bizarre weather we’re having.

Anyway yesterday we went to Blackbutt Reserve to have lunch. It’s a little reserve in the city and people go there to have picnics and birthday parties and bbq’s and there is a nice wooden walkway that goes around the place and you can see koalas and kangaroos and insane emus. The schools all have excursions there and the kids love it.

First of all I saw this beautiful swan, who looked a little sad to me.

And we saw this gorgeous little koala who was sitting in his tree looking like buddah.

He/she had just jumped over there from the other branch. Did you know that koala’s have two thumbs and three fingers so they can climb easier.

And we saw this beautiful peacock.

Lol, who was much prettier from the front than from the back.

And I’m not kidding, this emu was insane. They make this weird noise, like a drum and he was drumming. You can buy ice cream cones full of seeds to feed them. You poke them through the fence. I saw a little girl doing it and this guy just went mad for it and grabbed it and tossed it about, all the time drumming. I’m very wary of emu’s, they scare me a bit, I wouldn’t turn my back on one thats for sure.


12 thoughts on “lunch at the reserve

    • Insane. Glad he was behind a big fence. At Dubbo zoo they just roam all over the place and I’m always looking over my shoulder keeping an eye on them.

  1. Emus always look a bit evil. When I was little I got pecked by one, and since then I’ve never been able to go near the damned birds, even if they’re in cages.

    The weather is borked all over, I think. Granted it’s winter up here, but you aren’t supposed to see temps near freezing in California. For the first time since I moved back here, I had to haul out the down coat and gloves. If I have to put on boots for snow, it’ll be the end of the world.

    • It’s freezing here. I was talking to a friend yesterday who has a daughter holidaying in Bali and I said – at least it’s warmer than here and she said – Scotland is warmer than here!

  2. When I went to the San Diego Safari Park, the ostrich poked it’s head into our truck and would snap at people’s butts.

    I did not know koala’s had 2 thumbs. that’s my something new for today!

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