Rain rain go away

Typical Australian weather. Western Australia is burning and N.S.W is flooding. I’m in the flooding state but not a flooding area. Just a very wet one. If it doesn’t clear up today then I’m either going to have to go and buy new clothes or a clothes dryer. It’s my fault it’s rained for a week of course because a week ago our clothes dryer broke down and Daz said he’d go buy a new one and I declared that I refused to spend money on another bloody clothes dryer and that it was summer and we wouldn’t need one anyway.

So I have just taken all the soggy old towels off the line that have been there for a week and put them through the spinner again and now they’re all back out there hopefully drying. Because we are supposed to get one sunny day tomorrow before more rain and I can see us all fighting for the washing machine in the morning as we have a very small clothes line. In fact I think I’m going to risk it and wash my things now. Sky above my clothes line currently looks like this. But I’m an optimist. See there’s our tiny little clothes line behind the fence.


6 thoughts on “Rain rain go away

    • Our last electricity bill was so horrifying that I never want to use the clothes dryer again. Or the air conditioner, or the oven. I have a teeny tiny house to match my teeny tiny clothes line so no room for an airer thingy here. I don’t even have room the the two extra chutney jars daz bought the other day. But I did get my washing dry today. Just started sprinkling again now. Some things are a little damp around the waistband but they’ll do.

  1. It’s a good thing you’re living with a Sailor now.

    We’re into the rainy season here as well and I can’t put anything on the clothes line. I have a drying rack jammed into one room but it still takes forever for things to dry. I had to give up and put some towels in the dryer or they would have gotten moldy, since it’s winter and getting colder.

    • Yes, it’s a pity I can’t find him a suitable boat though. Soon we will be needing an Ark.

      Do you have rainy cold season? I don’t think I’d like that. We have rainy hot season which can also be pretty awful, the humidity can be overpowering sometimes. The other day I was walking to school and felt as if I had to physically push my way through the air.

      Does your electricity cost a fortune over there? Ours just seems to keep going up and up every year.

      • Ugh. There is nothing worse than hot and rainy. Summer humidity is awful, it’s like trying to breathe a solid and it’s impossible to keep cool. There’s a limit to how many clothes you can take off.

        I try not to look at the electricity bills. They seem to be double what they were just a couple of years ago. We have window-unit air conditioners but haven’t used them the past 2 summers b/c of the cost. Our bedroom is badly insulated and I used to use an electric heater in there, but again, so expensive. Now we just turn up the electric blankets. I’m just glad our furnace and hot water are natural gas so they don’t cost so much.

        We have one tower computer that runs all the time as a server. There’s room on top for a few items of laundry and I get a lot of drying done with that in winter. One shirt or a couple of undies or a couple pairs of socks.

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