rolling the felafel

Every time I make meatballs or veggie balls or felafel balls I always begin with good intentions of making them all small and round and neat and the same size. But the plan always seems to fall by the wayside about half way through and they all start getting larger and not the same size and altogether more rustic; patties almost.

Still taste good though. That was good felafel I made last night. I hid some in the fridge so I still have some for lunch. I made tabbouleh and a greek yoghurt mint dressing to go with them. Love it when there’s something good in the fridge for lunch.


2 thoughts on “rolling the felafel

  1. I do the same thing, but with mince. I think of little balls with spaghetti, and in the end they are the size of a cricket ball! Daughter1 just told me she is having tabouleh for lunch today as well!

    • Lol, yes they just keep getting bigger. I think you never imagine that you have as much mix as you actually do and after ten minutes it seeems as if you’ll never get to the bottom of the bowl if you keep making them teeny tiny.

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