Hot, tired but still lurking

I think I have some sort of chronic fatigue. Or maybe it’s haemochromatosis, or diabetes or a brain tumour. Seriously, if you google  – constant tiredness  – the possibilities are endless. But I have been bone weary tired and as soon as I finish this semester at school I’m going to get my iron levels tested because my mother has some freaky haemachromatosis gene combination that I’m a carrier of and, well to cut a long boring story short, it’s probably not even it.

I think I’ve just had enough of this year. Why is it that as soon as you think you can do something for yourself the universe lets you know in no uncertain terms that – fuck you, it ain’t happening.

Or at least it ain’t happening easily.

it doesn’t help that the TAFE I go to is a kind of soul destroying place. Lots of grey paint and grey carpet, cracked windows and broken blinds. There is one room that is particularly depressing. Every time I’m in there I feel like jumping out of a window. Thats if I could open one of course. You’d have to throw a chair through it first.

There is not one thing in this room. Not one thing on the wall, not one book. Just rows of tables that wobbble when you try to write on them and plastic chairs. I feel like a demented autistic five year old when I’m in there.

And I have massive exams and assignments happening for the next three weeks. See this course used to be a two year course but the government in it’s wisdom decided that we could do it in one year. So it’s pretty full on. One assignment I have to do is to invent this library in Western Australia and then design a website for it. Full bells and whistles. And in another I have to invent another library and they have a staff of dysfunctional people and I’m a consultancy group who has to come in and do mediation and counselling and whatever bullshit. And I have to do Myers-briggs personality tests on six people and put together a 30 minute power point presentation on how I’m going to make them work nice. Then I have to dress up in a business suit and present it to the class. Good lordy I have made them all so awful it’s almost put me off working in a library. Alcoholics, cheaters, introverts, non english speaking staff members. And then there’s cataloguing and the Dewey Decimal System and Library of Congress Subject Headings. Did I mention I also have the searching databases exam and the advanced microsoft word exam next week?

Look at me, haven’t I turned into a whiny bitch!!

It’s not all bad. it’s SUMMER!!!!!!!! And in three weeks time I’ll have two months off.

And whenever I feel like a whiny bitch I just listen to Goyte and I do feel Better.

I have no idea how to put a song on here sorry. So I have to go to youtube where there is no actual clip. So just….. I don’t know turn the screen off and just listen to the sound.

You can’t stop your self from dancing.

Just another Aussie being awesome.


21 thoughts on “Hot, tired but still lurking

  1. i have to say this only because it’s what everyone always says: Have you had your thyroid checked? lol on that.

    I hope you get some rest. At least you have a happy dance song. (fyi: You have to pay for an additional service to load songs on wp)

    Hope you get through exams well!

  2. Eh, it sounds like end of the semester blues, which all students feel, especially as the holidays approach. And holy moly, I would cringe if I had to do the assignments you have to do. Presentations aren’t bad, but I hate it when you have to “sell” an idea about an imaginary situation to your classmates. I understand why they do it—they want you to think about disenfranchised groups; they also want you to be prepared for leadership roles in serving the public. It doesn’t make your life easier, however.

    You’re vegetarian, right? It might help if you take a multivitamin supplement, or ease up on the diet and allow yourself to eat a little red meat (beef especially is rich in iron) or even some fish, which is high in protein and gives you a bit of energy. But take care of yourself! You don’t want to get sick now. Just a little longer and the term will be over.

    • I take a multi and a B and calcium (because I don’t eat dairy) but I’d never ever eat meat again. Blerk, especially beef. I’m vegetarian because I love animals and don’t want to eat them but it’s been so long since I had meat – about 15 years now – that just the smell of it cooking turns the tummy, can’t even imagine how fleshy it would taste.

  3. OMG Those are the types of tasks I had to do in my Masters course! What the hell do they think they are educating you for? That content is too heavy and intense for one year! No wonder you are so tired. Hang in there, you can do it!

    • Six months content actually! Next year we have another six months of different classes. This first half I’m hoping was all the crazy more complicated stuff. You know what I really don’t like – number building Dewey numbers. If I was handing out Dewey numbers in a library I’d have books in all kinds of crazy places.

      And yeah, I don’t know why we’re having to do so much Manage effective workplace relations – we don’t want to be managers!

      • We had to build dewey numbers too, and I hated every moment of it (every library modifies too their own wants anyway) and the thing is that now with computers and meta data you don’t have to do it, the system does it for you! Many of the books arrive with the dewey number inside the cover pages too! And you are right, you are not going to be managers. I don’t think they are really in touch with what the industry needs now; too many education institutions are out of touch. I hope they teach you how to deal with the difficult client and the crazy client, that is what you will have to deal with in this industry. And of course the lack of jobs, but I won’t go there!

        • We did a lot of difficult client stuff in the Cert III. Acting out different scenarios with the teacher and other people. And all we heard about was the lack of jobs when we went to Sydney on excursions to various libraries but there seems to be a fair few always about here. I only want casual because I’ll still have another part time job anyway. I want to get into the University library and they have a lot of casuals on the books.

  4. You need wine and a holiday. Hope you get your energy back soon, whatever the method – it’s no fun when you can’t enjoy life (that was a remarkably redundant statement, wasn’t it?)

    Bloody love that Gotye album. It’s my sunny Sunday arvo hangover soundtrack.

    • Lol,Confucius is very wise. You know what I think it was. The bloody Orica chemical leak. Seriously. Okay maybe not totally seriously, but I’m sure it didn’t help. If you look at the area where the fumes wafted that day or two, I was right in the zone. I’m pretty sure that a shortage of wine has never been a problem of mine. But it has been a hectic 12 months and summer has been a long time a comin’. And trust me Inga, you would not believe me if I told you about the freaks i had to deal with at TAFE. lol, now that’s a book waiting to be published.

      Gotye – just add him to the never ending list of amazing Australian muso’s.

  5. That’s not a bad assumption really, and if you were already a bit run down I’m guessing toxic fumes wouldn’t help matters.

    You need to do the freak book. Or a freak blog post at least. TAFEs are always a hotbed of crazies!

  6. Hello Cat/Jane! Been a long time. It’s scorpion1116 from Vox. Sorry to hear your energy is sapped. I will have to read back to catch up with you. One fun thing; I clicked on the Gotye song and then scrolled down to see your slideshow going. The music accompanies it quite nicely. 🙂 Do feel better soon!

    • Oh wow – HI. I didn’t know you were at wordpress. I’m going to use the chirstmas holidays to get healthy again. So easy to let good habits slip and let bad ones take over.

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