Giddy Up

The Melbourne Cup. Apparently it’s all about horses. I thought it was all about good friends, new friends, sunny days, good music, wine and dancing.

Good grief, that was on Tuesday and I think I’m just recovering today. Talk about dehydrated, I was starting to think I was diabetic.

My battery on my camera ran out pretty early on in the day so I used my iPhone with the hipstamatic app. It takes such great photos and it’s so small you can get right up in everyone’s face. Or maybe I was just up in everyone’s’ face. Whatever, it was a good day. The band rocked it. Made the day. Aussie chicks, old and young, we know how to party.

And the gorgeous lady in the blue dress owns the Pub and put on a really good day.

Giddy Up.

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12 thoughts on “Giddy Up

  1. There were several gorgeous ladies in blue dresses. Was the pub owner the one with the cowl-like drapey collar?

    I don’t suppose you know who won the Cup, do you? Horsey people want to know!

  2. I have never been able to get into the Melbourne Cup scene, having grown up with my Dad involved in the racing industry, it holds no fun or glamour for me. I envy people who do sometimes. Looks like a great day for you!

    • I have absolutely no interest in the Melbourne Cup. I don’t bet and I don’t even watch it. I just like haing a day off to hang out with my buddies. Believe me, any excuse will do.

    • Lol, we were lively for sure. It was a good crowd, fun people. $75 for all you could drink and finger food served all day. I didn’t get my money’s worth in food because you know the vegetarian always starves at this sort of event but I can tell you it sure makes your moneys worth in alcohol go a lot further.

        • Oh I’m around. I’m just having the life sucked out of me by TAFE and all of it’s end of semester exams, assessments, assignments. I finish on the 3 December then have two months off and I can’t wait. It’s such a grey soul destroying kind of place. But I want that piece of paper at the end of it so I have to keep at it.

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