Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho indeed little children. Freaky Christmas Kangaroo is coming to sneak into your house soon one night.

I mean seriously, this gigantic evil looking kangaroo is part of a massive shopping centre light display near our place. It’s a shitty shopping centre and I’m guessing they can’t do any renovations on it because they spent all their money on the Christmas decorations. I’ll have to go back when they light em up.

But Evil Kangaroo always gives me a laugh. I mean, he just looks nasty! I always imagine that he has his front paw out like that because he’s about to push the cockatoo off the roof.


15 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho

    • Lol – yeah, he’s a stange one. Something went wrong somewhere along the way for sure. And not just his face, he’s just so muscular and scary in every way. I can’t wait to see him lit up.

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